Pocket Fleshlight Butt: Nude Ass Riley Reid, Classic

Pocket Fleshlight Butt: Nude Ass Riley Reid, Classic

Of course, sex is the most pleasant pastime that a male can have.

So if there is an opportunity to make it even more exciting; it is a sin not to use it.

That’s why more and more of the stronger sex prefer different sexual toys, which allow you to make a note of diversity in the usual process.

Do you like the dick to rest on your ass? The Fleshlight masturbator imitates it. Rest on one of the side wallsAt the expense of the material, you can not distinguish sex from the real one. The orgasm is very intense If you like as a girl caresses the head yourself ass, then gently move within the first two rings

1. Lena The Plug

Nowadays, casts of vagina and ass of famous actresses are gaining popularity, because of every male dream of intimacy with them.

It works even better with the star’s ass.

#Top Fleshlight ButtBenefits
Lena The Plug

  • The toy made in the form of a hand torch
  • It is an exact copy of a woman’s body
  • Does not change its shape even after repeated use
Turbo Thrust (Copper)

  • It made of Cooper material
  • You cannot distinguish it from a real woman
  • The length of the device is 22 cm, and the diameter is 1.9 cm
Classic Pink

  • Allows you to experience all the charms of anal sex
  • Does not stretch, does not rush and keeps in shape even after a long time
  • Does not have the repulsive smell that is characteristic of some toys
Riley Reid

  • To warm up the toy in warm water before using it to make it feel even more realistic
  • You can easily clean the Fleshlight masturbator after use
  • The texture makes the stimulation surprisingly intense, yet soft and pleasant

Lena The Plug is famous for the fact that she demonstrated her ass on all sides of the screen.

Our pick
Unearthly bliss

In front of you an exact copy of the charm of Lena The Plug – the star of social networks, she is very famous in the U.S.

  • Length – 23 cm
  • Diameter – 2 cm
  • Exact copy
  • Not change shape

Somebody male wanted to try it; to visit this fervent and enticing ass.

Judging anal sex with Lena The Plug’s ass is a great idea as per user reviews.

If you want to try a vagina or anus of Lena The Plug for a long time, you should give preference to the brand.

  • Reviews about the Fleshlight masturbator say that he gently, but tightly embraces the penis of the male, giving an unearthly bliss;
  • That’s what all anal sex fans need. The complete imitation of a narrow, undeveloped ass is very exciting, and the elastic material tightly embraces the penis along the entire length, moaning with pleasure;
  • Inside the tube, there is a realistic material SuperSkin, which feels as close to real leather as possible;
  • Easy to understand and wash.
  • I didn’t find any.

2. Turbo Thrust Copper

Go crazy when a woman gives you a blow job?

Why don’t you buy a Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Copper masturbator for yourself, because you can spend as many minutes of pleasure as you like with it?

Durable materials

The peculiarity of the toy is a smooth internal channel, which allows you to delay the peak pleasure.

  • Does not stretch
  • Lenght 22 cm
  • Diameter 1.9 cm
  • No smell

A conscript, tight mouth is ready to open at your first wish.

  • The masturbator Flashlight, as, however, and all other models, allows you to get the most real emotions;
  • Stylish, compact, due to what it is pleasant to hold in your hand;
  • It made of durable materials;
  • It does not climb, does not stretch, does not absorb odors, and itself has no smell.
  • Thrust is much neater because of the material. The machine requires pre-lubricating of all the rings.
  • Then we enter the first ring. No problem. But the second one is difficult to pull on the penis. Trying to insert, it just slips sideways and falls right down your throat. You lose half of the sensation.
  • Therefore, after the first ring, gently pull your fingers on the head of the second, and then you realize that here it is to whom the blowjob did not get confused with anything else.
  • In general here is such minus: a towel keep at hand damp because fingers in greasing will be, then it is unpleasant to take a tube.


Fleshlight Turbo Thrust in Cooper material, which is copper-colored. It looks like an exhaust pipe, not like a vagina at all. All the magic in the stock. It is a pure blow job.

And a blow job from an experienced partner. I speak as a person who appreciates the excellent working mouth. Live mouth, I mean.

The entrance presents in the form of 3 rings, which imitate the lips, tongue, and throat. The inner structure has ribbed.

When tightened, add grease to the strings and do it you want. If you like it aggressively, on the most tonsils, forward.

Who had a blow job, it’s really like coming in your mouth. Not so intense when the partner also swallows, but as if you come in your mouth. So far, my favorite Fleshlight.

3. Classic Pink Butt

The complete imitation of a narrow, undeveloped ass is very exciting, and the elastic material tightly embraces the penis along the entire length, making you moan about pleasure.

The toy from the inside repeats the female anus in all details.

The width of the gadget is 20.3 cm, the diameter of the anal channel is 1.9 cm, the material is SuperSkin.

Realistic sleeve

The entrance to the Fleshlight masturbator made in the form of a narrow anus; the texture of the channel is smooth.

  • Keeps in shape
  • Not stretch
  • Tight hole
  • Unscrewable cap

The Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt masturbator invites you to participate in the most forbidden sexual intercourse anal sex.

Even those who have experienced the charms of real anal sex more than once note the great with the Fleshlight Pink Butt Classic masturbator. Quite a few buyers of the Fleshlight Pink Butt Classic masturbator were using it together with their partner.

  • Perfectly combined with intimate lubricants;
  • Penetration into the tight hole of the butt and sliding through a dense and flexible channel masturbator Fleshlight Pink Butt Classic is the most plausible substitute for real anal sex.
  • If you preheat the Fleshlight masturbator in warm water, the feeling will be amazing!
  • In situations where anal sex is impossible due to the beliefs of the girlfriend or the size of your penis is large enough for her virgin ass; masturbator ass Fleshlight Pink Butt Classic; a real way to try the forbidden fruit together;
  • The unscrewable cap at the back of the Fleshlight masturbator can use to regulate the suction force; due to the resulting vacuum, the Fleshlight masturbator does not allow the penis to pull out as if sucking it back in;
  • It ass is easy to care for; like any original Fleshlight masturbator.
  • Without the lubricant, there’s nothing to do but get hurt;
  • Any users complain about the insufficient length of the device. It should be increased by 5 or 6 centimeters;
  • Any users find the width of the hole to be faulty. The sensation becomes painful when you use it.

4. Riley Reid

Riley Reed is one of the rising stars of the global adult film industry.

To date, she has appeared in more than six hundred films.

Now she is only 27 years old, and I’m sure Riley still has a lot of achievements ahead of her! Of course, somebody male wants to try out their charms personally.

The outside of the Fleshlight masturbator is molded directly from Riley’s body, and inside the Fleshlight masturbator, there is a textured insert designed especially for the model.

The addition has divided into three cameras, each of which has a unique texture pattern of lines and dots on its walls.

Each of the next cameras is already the previous one.

If there is not enough length, remove the rear cover of the Fleshlight masturbator. If your penis is medium or small, you can keep the lid on.

  • The detachable back cover allows you to adjust the amount of air in the air chambers of the Fleshlight masturbator;
  • Like all Fleshlight toys, this toy is easy to understand;
  • The size of the earmold is standard for all Fleshlight products: the length of the channel is 22 centimeters, the width is from 10 to 20 millimeters;
  • The length of 22 centimeters makes it easy for penis owners to feel comfortable with penises longer than average.
  • You have to hide the device from your partner;
  • Live girls are jealous of the masturbator;
  • Sex with a live partner becomes uninteresting;
  • The device costs expensive;
  • Expensive lubricants are required.

Care for masturbators

Rinse it in warm water, dry and store.

Besides, you can use a specially branded product for disinfection; spray the hose with it, then rinse in warm water.


We told you about four models of devices. All of them will diversify your sexual games. Try and enjoy it.

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