Hands Free Masturbator: Fleshlight Launch – Automatic Male Sex Toy


Every few days, new sex toy offers appear on the market.

The latest trend was hands-free masturbators. It is very tempting.

Imagine: you are sitting, and the machine does all the hard work for you. But such pleasure cannot be cheap. In order not to waste your money, read our bestselling review before you go to the store for purchase!

If you are a beginner, start with something simplerAdvanced users should choose the premium version right away Appreciate the quality! You probably already cannot wait to test one or several toys in our rating

1. Autoblow 2 + XT

When it comes to hands-free masturbator, automatic blowjobs come to mind first.

These male toys are created for your pleasure and comfort!

#Top Hands Free MasturbatorsBenefits
Autoblow 2+XT

  • Tight hole hands-free masturbator has a realistic design in the form of lips
  • Male masturbator made of safe and durable materials for long-term use
  • A unique hole at the end of the housing allows you to adjust the suction force
Fleshlight Interactive Sex with Stoya

  • The male masturbator can create 140 shocks per minute
  • Amount shocks is more than you could do
  • Touch panels on the sides of the case allow you to adjust the amplitude and speed of impacts smoothly
Lovense Max 2

  • The silicone sleeve is pleasant to the touch and safe for your health
  • Two toys connected repeat the movements of each other
  • 3 vibration levels allow you to choose the ideal pattern for each user
Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • The device’s movements can be synchronized with videos in 2D and 3D on the FellMe website
  • The internal mechanism includes 10 compression rings
  • Additionally stimulate you and make translational movements
HotOctopuss Pocket Pulse

  • You can start playing even in a calm state and quickly reach the finals
  • The appliance creates the classic vibrations
  • Amplitude ripples of your choice

How does it work?

The main difference between Autoblow 2 + XT is that this male masturbator does not require any effort from you. Also, you can count not just on standard vibrations, but on stroking movements.

5 rows of beads automatically roll back and forth, simulating tremors.

And an inner sleeve of the right size creates the perfect pressure for you.

Our pick
Unique hole
The inner sleeve of realistic material combined with a powerful engine will make you as happy as possible!
  • 3 speeds
  • 3 sizes
  • Resistant housing
  • Perfect channel
  • Male masturbator never gets tired and is always ready to please its owner;
  • The five and a half inch girth of this toy feels comfortable to most men;
  • Rechargeable toys are not only environmentally friendly but also save a lot of money on their owners’ side;
  • You will be able to enjoy your favorite device for more than one year and be satisfied with its performance.
  • This little toy is not battery-powered;
  • The smooth and soft silicone surface material makes it easy to clean the sleeve even after ejaculation;
  • Masturbation cups have three levels of speed, which is sufficient for any reasonable man.
  • It can work for full two hours on a single charge.
  • You will quickly get used to the male masturbator, and you will not be able to refuse it!

Customer Review

I used to use ordinary pocket suits and was pleased with everything. But then I decided to try an automated experience.

Male toys of this level do not require muscle tension in hand.

You just need to find a solid and even surface to put hands-free masturbator on it.

Only water-based lubricants are suitable for the sleeves, but many male toys require this, so I’m not surprised.

I chose a medium-sized sleeve and was not mistaken. I think this option is suitable for 70% of guys.

As for the speeds, they are ideal to start, stretch the fun in the middle of the game and end with chic! I play every other time with and without suction. It allows you to diversify the sensations further!


If we talk about elite male toys, then Fleshlight Launch has no equal among hands-free analogues!

With synchronize
Realistic sensations in tandem with an automatic game will allow you to relax completely and finally stop thinking about your hand more than about pleasure!
  • Adjustive amplitude
  • Touch panels
  • Hygienically safe
  • Unique lubricant

Launch Specifications

  • The interactive mode of the male masturbator is fully synchronized with the hot videos on the FellMe website;
  • The hands-free toys can be connected to virtual reality glasses to enhance the sensations further.

Options hands-free masturbator

The interactive kit includes everything you might need for male fun:

  • The most popular Fleshlight texture suits guys with any penis size;
  • The branded case allows you to use male toys manually, with the help of the Launch and hygienically stored;
  • The unique Fleshlight lubricant is ideal for male toys of the brand. It also allows the robot to reach maximum speed without barriers in the form of friction.

The unique texture of male sleeves

Stoya Pocket Pussy included. She immediately became a bestseller thanks to a combination of unique features. The internal design consists of 4 different chambers, separated from each other by blot rings dotted with tubercles.

The first and last cameras are the narrowest.

The former has smooth tubercles, and the latter has a ribbed surface.

The two middle chambers vary in length. Inside each, you are greeted by pointed but soft cones located at different angles.

The sleeve itself was made of a soft and durable material that perfectly repeats the properties of human skin. A realistic hole in the form of the labia of the porn star adds you impressions!

  • The strong case has protection against splashes and will serve you for many years;
  • The male masturbator can work more than 2 hours without recharging;
  • The hands-free toys intuitive interface allows you to play without thinking;
  • In automatic mode, male toys repeat the movement entirely on the screen.
  • The steady rhythm of male toys allows you to finish faster;
  • Your hand will no longer get tired; the hands-free mechanism will do all the dirty work for you.
  • The male masturbator is lightweight so you can freely put it anywhere.
  • NB: One should note that there are a lot of sexual product reviews in this niche and it is rather difficult to choose which one is better.
  • Hands-free toys of the Fleshlight brand belong to the premium segment. Therefore they have an appropriate cost.

Buyer Review

This male masturbator will take your game to the space level!

Everything is perfect in it, from the texture of the sleeve to the interactive sex.

I have long wanted to try hands-free toys, but this sample showed more than I expected!

In automatic mode, there is a complete synchronization with the video. Touch panels for manual control are so intuitive that in a minute, you stop noticing them.

And most importantly, this machine is universal. You can change the sleeves at least every day. The only limitation is the size of the sleeve. Classic male toys from Fleshlight or the Girls series are suitable here.

3. Max 2 by Lovense

The hands-free masturbator connects to your smartphone (or your partner’s smartphone) to make the game even more manageable and unique.

The male masturbator is medium in length and diameter.

It gives a 95% guarantee that it will suit you.

Pleasant to touch
Uniform pressure along the entire length of the sleeve and a realistic internal texture will allow you to reach your goal quickly.
  • 3 modes
  • Quiet motor
  • Mobile app
  • Silicone sleeve

Also, male toys Max 2 can connect to toys from the same Nora series or the second Max!

  • A quiet and powerful motor allows you to enjoy alone and give occasion to your neighbours to suspect you of anything;
  • The strength and vibration patterns are easy to configure through the free mobile app;
  • You can select any of 3 degrees of compression (comfortable sensations depend on the size of your penis and its sensitivity);
  • Spray-resistant male masturbator housing makes cleaning easy;
  • To use hands-free technology, just put the toy on a hard surface.
  • Users can only have one sleeve texture;
  • Male masturbators are the most expensive amongst hands-free toys;
  • Water-based cosmetics is the only lube that can be used.

Customer Review

I like that male Max 2 devices can be connected to PCs, smartphones on any operating system, and even to each other.

You can control your pleasure or synchronize movements with your partner, who is far away.

The sleeve is comfortable to remove and clean. Any water-based lotions are great. The case is made of non-slip material. Also, you do not need a new storage case.

4. Onyx2

KIIROO’s male appliance is the ancestor of Fleshlight Launch.

All the same 140 amplitude shocks per minute and interchangeable sleeves with different textures, but at a lower price, are available to you.

  • A steady rhythm makes hands feel free during masturbation, as it enables you not to get tired;
  • You do not need to buy batteries, because the device can be charged from the network;
  • When you use this machine in manual mode, you are able to control via touch panels. They enable you to set very subtle adjustments.
  • Customers noticed that the content for synchronization is not replenished;
  • The case is not too convenient. You have to hold it with your hand;
  • Just 1 year of full warranty is not much for an expensive appliance.

User Review

It is a technological masterpiece among sex toys.

Now many analogues have been released, but initially, it was a unique model.

I like that you can control not only the strength of the vibrations but also the speed, as well as the pressure force. The video content for integrative games is high-quality, but I would like even more films. In its price segment, this is the best choice!

5. Pocket PULSE

A small but high-tech vibrator for guys combines the function of an erection ring and a masturbator.

This miniature device stimulates the most sensitive area and acts purposefully!

  • The waterproof design of sex toys is the best reason to retire to the bathroom;
  • 5 speeds will allow you to go all the way from start to finish with the most realistic experience.
  • The guybrator does not stimulate the entire trunk and only affects the head of the penis;
  • You will not get a feeling of compression if it is open in shape;
  • This device only works for one hour without recharging;
  • The average noise level does not disturb your neighbors, but it’s unsatisfactory for public places.

Buyer Review

This product is excellent for older men who have problems with erection.

An open design makes it possible to put on a toy in any condition.

The compact size is convenient for travelling. Two built-in motors provide powerful and uniform vibrations!