Best Personal Lube for Guys: Silicone, Water-Based Lubracant for Great Sex

Sex is one of the simplest and, at the same time, most satisfying things nature gives us.

There’s nothing wrong in spicing up your sexual life by adding useful improvements. A properly chosen lubricant will not only help you slide in and out easier. It will also stimulate your natural lubrication and help you get more relaxed to reach orgasm and experience intense sensations.

Most men and women agree that an insignificant amount of a high-quality watery lube adds up a lot to regular sexual intercourse. Some lubes help men get control of their excessive sensitivity and last longer regardless of premature ejaculation.

There are lubes that help women not to get pregnant. You can also purchase a super greasy option if you’re planning to try something new and pass on to your first anal sex stimulation.

We've made up a shortlist of most popular lubes actively discussed all over the internetPrice is one of the most misleading characteristics of any sex product or toy Never buy anything just because it is cheap or expensive

Lube can be based on water or silicone. Your choice should depend on your aims.

1. Gun Oil Personal Lubricant 4.0 fl oz

One of the best lubes for guys belonging to a premium sector products for high-quality sex.

There’s a confusing, but true story connected with the development of this lubricant. In the period of the Gulf War at the end of the 20th century, also known as Operation Desert Shield, had to find ways to satisfy themselves quickly and effectively.

These marines managed to create a perfect lube basing on their preferences and experience. Initially, they used oil for guns and liked its thickness. Later, it turned into a high-end lubricant with vitamins and numerous useful elements in the composition.

Basic Specs

  • The lube improves your solo experience;
  • Best for guys who love rough sex and masturbation;
  • Safe for condoms.


  • Comes in handy when you need to put on a tight latex garment. It’s very smooth and always stays in place until you wash it away with some soapy liquid.
  • It’s one of the best choices when it comes to long masturbation or sex sessions because it is water-resistant and long-lasting.


  • Gun Oil Personal Lubricant is not compatible with anything made of silicone.
  • That’s not a vegan lube.
  • It is not soluble in liquid, and you’ll have to spend some time to get it washed away from your hands and genitals.

2. Sliquid H2O Original Lubricant 8.5 fl oz

One of the softest and natural water-based lubes containing many natural components and able to stay on extended time in comparison to the products of the same price range.

It’s a glycerin-free, eco-friendly solution perfect for vegans.

Besides, it won’t cost you a fortune.

It’s a very gentle product created not only for the guys but for females as well. Sliquid lubes do not contain harmful components that might cause allergies. Besides, all of them are compatible with all types of condoms and sex toys. Of course, they do not last as long as silicone lubes. Nevertheless, they deserve to be called the best among the water-based lubricants by different manufacturers.

Basic Specs

  • Does not contain dangerous chemicals and harmful components;
  • 100% vegan and made on the base of pure water.


  • One of the best choices for women getting ready to give birth to a child. The product does not cause allergies and is great not only for male but for female bodies as well.
  • Most reviews say that you can perfectly reactivate this water-based lube with saliva.
  • Gives a very natural watery feel. The liquid itself does not leave spots or stains on your clothes, underwear, or bed sheets.


  • It’s not the best product for anal penetration. However, the manufacturer has a special version of the lube, which might come in handy. Google for Sliquid Sassy to find out more.

3. Fleshlube Lube 8 fl oz

A premium quality water-based lubricant produced by the renowned manufacturer of the most popular masturbators.

The manufacturer promises that this lube contains only medical-grade ingredients. You will smoothly get inside anything with this gentle product.

Fleshlube is suitable for all types of sex.

Basic Specs

  • Suitable for sensitive skin;
  • Washed away easily;
  • Purely American product.


  • Created to be a perfect match for most of the sex products produces by Fleshlight. Their sex toys are made of the unique SuperSkin material, which perfectly combines with the ingredients of Fleshlube.
  • It prevents your favorite sex tools from deterioration.


  • The only thing most guys and girls find disturbing is the price. However, Fleshlube does not lose popularity.

4. ID Millennium Lubricant

It’s one of the best long-lasting lubes available in the market.

It may seem overpriced for some of the customers until they find out how powerful it is.

Only a couple of drops can be enough to slide into a stroker or gently penetrate your partner.

The lube does not dissolve in the liquid, and you can use it while having sex in the shower. You’ll need to take time to wash it away after every use. Keep a sufficient amount of towels by your side if you’re planning to use toys. 

Basic Specs

  • Silicone-based lube;
  • Can be used in the shower;
  • Not compatible with silicone ;
  • Perfect for intensive and rough sex.


  • ID Millennium Lubricant is suitable for allergic people.
  • The flip cap is very convenient when your hands get too slippery.


  • Regardless of the great amount of the positive reviews of the customers, this lube turns out to be not the smoothest option.
  • It works well in the shower, but it is NOT suitable in a hot bath.
  • The choice of sex toy options is limited because it is prohibited to use silicone masturbators and dildos with it.

5. Adam & Eve Lube

It’s one of the best lubricants produced in the United States. One of the best formulas for guys loving anal sex and big dildos.

It’s super slippery and safe for allergic users. The squeeze bottle is easy to use in the process. One hand application is possible.

Basic Specs

  • One of the best-selling water-based lubricants;
  • It’s easy to clean-up after use;
  • It’s very slick and long-lasting.


  • A very durable lube. You don’t have to apply it many times in the process. It does not have a sticky feel and never dries.
  • Adam & Eve Lube does not have odors. It’s easy to wash it away after use.


  • Some customers say it’s hard to wash it away from clothes or surfaces.

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