Unlock the Power of Your Penis: The Best Penis Pump for Maximum Results

Men, now take your notebooks and write a discussion about sex and the penis pump as one of our topics today.
Joke. We are going to offer you some alternatives in terms of these water penis pumps: the best one we could find on the market.

We’d recall, to be sure for you, that water items have a more soothing effect than air pumps. They affect tissues and cells milder, and their inevitable destruction passes without obvious negative consequences (in men-with-problems, too: (1)).

Everyone probably knows about the thing of weighting for the penis: when you walk, and you have a weight tied to your penis between your legs.

It is supposedly designed to stretch your penis under the influence of gravity.

#Top Penis ExtendersBenefits
OUR No. 1 !!!

  • Ideal pump version: for 5…7-inch owners
  • Result: after 15-20-min use thrice a week
  • Medical plastic and rubber
  • Comfortable and useful penile working
  • Brand modern, proved technology
Handworked but potent

  • Smaller (in size) than most models in its series
  • 92% of users’ satisfaction
  • Special scale for result measuring
  • Pressure control mechanism: embedded in the flask
For Pigmy Owners

  • After 1st use, it can give some penis enlargement (a user’s review)
  • Should be used min. thrice a week
  • High-duty ABS plastic + hypoallergenic silicone materials

So, compared to such a phenomenal solution, penis pumps are just a fairy tale for adults.

Not only do they offer greater convenience, but their applicability is also feasible.

Additionally, this technique involves a sincere stubbornness in stretching the penis with your poor hand. Stand here and pull and pull and pull and pull, then your penis may gain a few inches after an 8-hour workout for 200 years…But I am wandering away from my point.

So, our first penis pump hero is already on the threshold, meet with fanfare.

1. HydroXtreme7 – Best of the Fight For Sex Winners

First of all, we present to you the leader of our penis pump rating, HydroXtreme7. But at first, as we suspect, it is worth explaining how this rating differs from our other best Tops for the men.

Our Best Pick!!!
The Powerest Unit
A great solution that allows you to create safely a noticeable vacuum effect in a liquid medium. Due to this, the probability of damage to the blood vessels is reduced to zero (almost). But, in addition to increasing the size (both length and width), you get a guaranteed improvement in erection as well as an increase in the period of “riser.”
An external pump adds power and accelerates the achievement of desired results.

At the same time, we’ll tell you the essence of the work of this particular penis pump leader and why it is a leader.

The essence of the men’s penis hydro pump is in its name.

Take the unit, water, and a thing you want to increase: in this case, your long-suffering penis.

Shove it inside the pump, pour water, get some middle-long hose with a bulb, and generate pressure inside the pump (to do this of course it is necessary to press it as tightly as possible on the skin, and if you are going to use it on your penis, press them hard against the bones near your penis).

Our precious is the second from the left: as you can see, it is ideal for the average user

Simply squeeze the bulb; more water than it can hold is forced out of its ‘hole’. Release the crease and it will become straight again: this “pit” becomes empty of water, air doesn’t pass through it; only that there is no place for air to come from (unless you had pressed the apparatus firmly onto your skin).

A vacuum which stretches all parts of your penis is achieved by quality.

And there, as you probably know, in addition to the men cavernous bodies and human-typical tissues including muscles, are also contained, nah, not bones.

Someone was terrible at school. We meant vessels.

It is they who may suffer in the first place if the penis is illiterately enlarged. In this case, the impact on them is as painless as possible due to the presence of water in the pump device.

Side view: it is still beautiful

When you do everything correctly, the length of the vessels gradually increases, and cells of their walls are destroyed and replaced with new ones without sharp – gnawing pain. One can feel like a penis is prickling as if it has small fissures but it will not stretch at all.

Of course, one cannot tolerate it for long.

To stretch the dick from the pump in one-two receptions by 1-2 inches will be impossible.

But you rather can get used to it; however, most likely your penis will lose its capacity (or even something more terrible may happen).

So take your time.

Every day, get into a warm shower or bath (you’re clean, aren’t you?) and work carefully on your penis without forcing yourself. Over time, the penile result will appear.

Now, a few words about why we bring this pump tool to the best ones. Firstly, this manufacturer is a well-deserved firm from the UK, which can be trusted (and already trusted during some man-happiness years, by the way).

Secondly, it really works, as our best users are assured.

Thirdly, it is ergonomic: it’s worked out so that the average owner of a penis is elementary to use it.

Add to this a handful of other pump advantages (you can find them in the tables and the blocks of goods), and you’ll understand everything.

Especially: if you try this penis pump model in practice.

  • 5…7-inches increasing
  • The liquid-based intensive vacuum effect
  • Handball/pump attached
  • 60-day warranty of money-backing
  • Very expensive
  • Only a red+transparent color version

Our Reader’s Best Feedback


I visit the shower regularly, including because I often go to my gym and even to the pool. In principle. I thought it was easy to fit into the schedule classes with penis pumps.

Three times a week (then sometimes I hurried, if I felt like it) initially engaged me as advised.

Two months later, I saw that the penile pump was pretty easy to use and it really worked.

It is good about penis; there is nothing to complain about it.

My girl also noted that there are quality and result, and she likes it 🙂


I had quite a bad experience using a penis device without a pump. Well, you probably know how it, in our lousy world, happens.

You just, suddenly, realize that you overdid it, and you’re extraordinarily uncomfortable, but you can’t do anything about it.

This is really a full set of consumables

The sensations are anything but pleasant. I wilted, but I still wanted to get what I achieved so severely.

Of course, en fin, I bought this thing here.

And you know, adjusting the force of stretching with it, it’s much much more accessible. I’ve calmed down. It’s so lovely to feel like a real man.

2. Hydromax5 – Your Secret Colorful Pleasure

Another representative of penile vacuum goods from the British Bathmate developed based on their old (by time to market, and not by relevance) men model with the best-speaker name, Hercules.

Results without inflators!
Cool-and-fast increasing!
Among the advantages of this unit for increasing the Main Male Device, there are safety (due to the use of warm water), efficiency, and ease of use. It doesn’t need to be pumped up: it is enough to properly position it on the base of the penis, and it is fixed there quickly and securely.
The pressure necessary for the exercise to be carried out safely and profitably is created without any extra effort or risks to health. Use modern solutions to strengthen and lengthen your orgasm.

We won’t consider this unit: not only because it’s no relation to our today’s top-topic but also for the precise reason that it is not suitable for those new Man-Cheerful club members who don’t have experience in dick increasing.

And the point isn’t that this flask is enormous: this nuance does not matter here, and you won’t have hang-ups due to the size of your penis placed in such a cistern.

As you can see, this tool, though effective, isn’t very versatile

The kernel is different: as the users report, it produces a working environment so powerfully that if you overexpose the mentioned vulnerable part in it, it’ll be covered without prevarication with red spots and darkening. It is the result of damage to small vessels.

You won’t expire with blood, but even such decorations aren’t, at all, encouraging.

Consider this mah men just in case.

These pumps work the same: what you need is just one of them as well as warm and clean water. Therefore, they can be applied even in gymnasium shower cabin (if, naturally, there is a door and its glass or plastic is at least semi-transparent; better still, fogged).
And that water from the shower goes away aimlessly shouldn’t disturb anybody.

Maybe you like to splash or develop any injured muscle. And no penis pumps, good people.

There is a mini shutter, the valve of which must be installed in the Center position.

Then you fill the container with water, place the penis there to the very base (! Otherwise everything, with any penis pumps, will be meaningless!), and pump out the water and hold the penis for a while in the condition it acquires.

It’ll swell, because it is poured with blood, and its sizes (both diameter and length) will increase somewhat.

And here, you can see all the three options in all their glory

For a long time, of course, such a state is undesirable. In the end, in 5…15 minutes, with the pump valve, loosen the pressure, carefully remove the container (it is fastened securely, so don’t rush and pull it, so as not to hurt yourself), and wash it.

Massage the penis. Take a break and, after that, repeat all over again at least twice.

To be too enthusiastic, however, is also not worth it.

You still have many days and months ahead to repeat this experience regularly.

In the end, the penis will get used to its new form: this is the basis of the pump technique.

The particular charm of this specific penis vacuum pumps lies in the fact that they are offered in several color variations: blue, red, and transparent.

Sometimes it matters: if you use a penis pump of color that is truly pleasant and associated for you with success and power, you’ll get a really impressive, quite a best, result.

Brave warriors are ready to fight for your erection

To be accurate: except in color, the penis pumps’ variations are no different from each other. It makes no sense to examine scrupulously enlarged pictures in the hope of seeing the smallest, supposedly visible only to the experts, differences (we do sin with this performance; therefore we hint now).

On the other hand, this is a positive characteristic: you don’t need to choose the most appropriate penis pumps for a long time.

  • Created for those who have a penis of less-or-around 5 inches when erecting
  • 94% of users are satisfied
  • 60 daysof refunding
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Quite expensive
  • No pump bulb attached (hand working)
  • Long training periods are needed to achieve results (10-12 months, thrice a week)

Our Reader’s Best Feedback

Jun P

I can responsibly declare that the most significant advantage of this device is its soothing effect on the penis. I get additional pleasure from that the stretching is carried out smoothly, gently and very gently.

Perhaps, skillful selection of water temperature plays a role here; I don’t know, I didn’t think about it.

The fact is that I, man, like to spend time alone with this thing.

I did not notice the result regarding the length immediately, but the main thing for me is not even this but that the erection has become better as the manufacturer promises.


I bought a little red one, and what would you like? Look: how pretty this blue girl is. And the transparent pump, just like an elite class condom. Well, seriously, this thing works well. I tried and was pleased.

3. Hydro7 – Try to Win

Finally, another penis pump product … do not be surprised, the same manufacturer, mah boiz, produces all of these penis pumps.

Guys, what can we do if this company selects the developers of male diggy-wiggers so well?

Choose 1 color from 3!
Non-inflatored little bro
This tool is different due to the sucker special designed: it is perfectly adjacent to the body. And stimulation in the water proceeds smoothly and gently, providing exceptionally pleasant sensations.
One or two movements … the benefits are combined with pleasure.

This is perhaps the most beautiful (in appearance) device of the vacuum pumps presented. Although concerning performance and efficiency … we put it in last penis pump place.

We mainly do this because this model is not included in the line of individual penis pumps that have been developed by the company, taking into account all the nuances and requirements of a perfect penis pump.

There are no super-modern, extraordinary or impressive to hoarseness or dumbness features.

It is just one of the penis pump representatives of the products of the best (as we think) company specializing in this type of device.

In particular, it does not have an auto pump (which is familiar to us from the description above, a hose with a bulb). Use of such pumps is less conveniently than we would like.

To be valid, the algorithm of action is simple. The necessary technique is the same old hydro massage.

You could either sit in a bath of warm water or get below a warm shower, check if the pump liner is tightly fitted into the groove, close the top valve, put your penis in the container and finally fill it with warm water until full.

Afterwards you open up the valve of the pump and using your own gentle and loving hand as if masturbating the penis “gets ready” to stand up.

When the sex voltage reaches a peak, until the appearance of pain, you relieve pressure.

Then you blow it off again. In total, you should take a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

You already want to take this charming jigger in hand, aren’t you?

As you can see, not everything is as best and easy and convenient as with the penis pump options above. But, of course, this model also has its fans, since all people are different, and everyone likes some particular approach.

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Quite a cheap
  • Relatively-old penis pump work technique
  • No bulb attached (hand working)
  • Ideal for 5…7-inches erecting penises (not for beginners, mostly)

Our Reader’s Best Feedback


I knew when I purchased it that there are more modern versions of penis pumps, but I analyzed the information and decided that I should try this one first. My expectations were met: to work with it. It’s quite simple, and you get used to it quickly.

For half a year, I managed to achieve an increase of almost two inches (I didn’t work very regularly, but diligently). This result doesn’t disappear, and I plan to continue working. New pump, probably I won’t buy any. Everything suits me now 🙂


I’ll write a long review, and you decide whether to read it or not because it turned out to be extremely important to me. I heard about penis pumps for a long time, but somehow it didn’t work for me to try, you know, how they work.

I correctly understood what they are for, but I thought that it would never touch me.

Further, again you understood, I was wrong. It turned out in my penis, and the details here are superfluous.

In general, I decided to get acquainted with this pump model.

Initially, I was looking for options for a long time that could help me. And I needed precisely the versions that work seriously, and preferably, in a short time. I didn’t consider a variety of weighting and swapping exercises: I needed to learn, and besides, I was engaged in fitness. Only the penis pump could help since I had little free time left.

All beauties are good, so choose to taste the loveliest

Specifically, this version, I saw it on the web. I was particularly attracted to the fact that it was possible to work with pumps of this type not for long but every day, and so for months on end. I decided that this is what I need.

At first, I was afraid, of course: those who know it, they’ll understand me. It’s terrible to put your penis inside and think: what will happen to it now, will I harm myself irrevocably!? That is, the most difficult was to start.

I was doing strictly according to the instructions: an exercise, then, a break. And I paused first for several days, then a bit more little.

Each time my penis pump became some kind of dear, cozy, and maybe home. And I liked it very much, and especially what it did with my penis.

You see, you seem to feel that serious, profound changes are taking place inside, and you realize that they are going to benefit.

Yes, I heard that recent models went on sale, and they are more convenient: you don’t need to work with your hands, and you use the mechanism. But I’ve already related to this pump, and I don’t need others. It helps to fix what you are trying to fix.

I found a good girl, and she likes everything, she supports me. So I, honestly, can recommend it to everyone.

The most crucial penis pump thing that should be recalled in connection with this topic: we have selected for you the penis pump goods from a proven company.

It means that in case of pumps failure or damage, you will be able to complain to the pumps seller.

They parade to help you reach the sex heights

Some of the worst people or infelicitous people who haven’t been as unlucky are people. These applications have been received, claims have been validated on time and losses or damages have been paid. But, most likely, you’ll have no penis pump problems, because the developers know their business (the treatment method using such devices is officially approved by health professionals, so, you can think about it … ). (2)

We cannot say it about the cases when people buy penis pump goods of unknown manufacturers with unconvincing instructions.

It isn’t recommended that you follow the example of such people.

Health and sex to you and your penises!


1. The science of vacuum erectile device in penile rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy

2. Treatment of erectile dysfunction with vacuum pumps