Unlock the Power of Prostate Stimulation: Discover the Benefits of Prostate Stimulators


Why are prostate stimulators becoming more popular?

Because the guys finally realized that this is not only pleasant but also good for health!

Isn’t it interesting? If a person massages their prostate while having sex, they could have more than one orgasm!

In this case, the power of impressions will be much higher than that of usual contact. Do you want to find out which prostate gadget suits you best? Check our review!

Models from the premium segment have two independent motors to satisfy you from all sidesThere are unique toys without vibration at all, but with a scientifically-developed design Try any position from our list. Otherwise, you will never know how intense your orgasms can be!
#Top Prostate StimulatorsBenefits
Lelo Hugo

  • The power of prostate massager motors is 33% more than other anal toys
  • You get double pleasure thanks to two vibrating tips
  • You do not need to think about buying batteries, as the prostate massager is charged from the mains
Aneros Helix Syn Trident

  • The prostate toy allows you to have fun without the help of hands
  • The size of the anal device was considered convenient by 90% of users
  • Performing particular exercises, you can turn the anal massager using only muscles
Lovense Edge

  • Vibrating patterns can be controlled via Bluetooth or over the Internet
  • In the mobile application, you can select and create new models
  • You can try music mode and sound activation of the sex device
Njoy Pure Wand

  • Before use, the metal can be heated or cooled in water to enhance sensations
  • Metal has an unlimited service life
  • The toy is easy to clean and dry with a towel
We-Vibe Vector

  • The rounded shape makes the extraction as smooth as possible
  • A flexible base allows the massager to adapt to each user
  • Gentle vibrations affect the external and internal sensitive areas


HUGO is a premium prostate massager! The electro stimulator made and smoothed medical grade silicone.

It means that a sex toy does not cause allergies and is easy to clean.

Our pick
Double pleasure
Two powerful and quiet motors make prostate stimulator the most effective on the market among analogues! Want to test what prostate orgasm is? HUGO is your guide to the world of pleasure!
  • Electro stimulator
  • Silicone
  • Medium size
  • Comfortable insertion

But the main thing is the patented form of the anal vibrating massager. It perfectly follows the shape of the body and provides comfortable insertion and removal.

  • The control panel allows you to more conveniently manage the process or transfer the initiative to your partner;
  • To enable you have electric shock enjoyment in the bathroom, the anal toy has waterproof design;
  • The medium size prostate massagers are perfect for most men;
  • You can use this prostate stimulator for solo play or with your partner during sex.
  • Everything is perfect in this prostate toy, except for the price.


  • A sex toy for prostate includes several additional components;
  • You will receive a remote control using a Bluetooth antenna;
  • An original USB recharge cable was also included;
  • It is better to store prostate massager in a branded case made of soft satin to preserve all the properties of delicate silicone;
  • Instructions for use of prostate stimulator will help you quickly figure out the interface settings.

Buyer Review

I tried butt plugs before but never used a vibrating sex toy. HUGO prostate massager makes you have powerful orgasms!

The vibrations are so powerful that it will be difficult for you to control yourself.

Do not be afraid of the size of this anal toy. Its shape is perfect as if it slides inward. I used the prostate appliance to extend sex with a partner. It helped, so I advise you to try it!


There is the prostate massager from the premium Trident series.

Its unique design allows you to stimulate four erogenous zones at the same time.

Anatomical form
Massage without hands complements and enhances the sensations of sex. Unique power orgasms guaranteed!
  • Silicone
  • Enhances orgasms
  • High-quality massage
  • Easy to clean

The insertion part has an anatomical shape.

The anal toy is made of soft silicone for a delicate penetration.

  • The unique anatomical form of prostate toy promotes relaxation and high-quality massage of the entire sensitive area;
  • The prostate massager is moulded from a single piece of silicone, so it is easy to clean and can be used in the shower.
  • Not every user will like the shape of the prostate gadget;
  • Absence of vibrations on it;
  • Always use water based lotions to keep the coating quality.

Customer Review

This prostate massager is unique due to its shape. I tried several similar sex toys, but they did not give such a point impact directly to the target!

To the touch, this model is simply luxurious!

The material is so soft that I didn’t notice how the toy slipped inside. I immediately used it with brand lubricant. They work great together!

3. Edge by Lovense

A smart male vibrator has several speeds and vibration patterns, customizable using buttons.

You will find even more variety in the free mobile application!

Sex device
The flexible base of the anal gadget allows you to adapt it to the individual parameters of the body.
  • 2 hours work
  • Bluetooth
  • Music mode
  • Mobile app

Add to this a stable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection and perfect silicone coverage!

Now you know what Edge is.

  • A powerful motor effectively stimulates you at any speed;
  • However, even at its maximum modes, the prostate massager does not make so much noise;
  • The electro mechanism is reliably insulated inside the case so that you can use a sex toy in the shower;
  • A complete charge will take about 2 hours of active games;
  • Anal stimulation explicitly targets the prostate.
  • The delicate silicone material is compatible only with water-based lotions;
  • Bluetooth control is only possible from a short distance;
  • Too broad insert head for beginners.

User Review

This butt plug has the most energetic vibrations among all that I have tried. Motors work equally powerful with any charge level.

There is the main difference between battery-powered toys.

If you are new to such experiments, it will take you some time to get used to the size. I always use a lot of lubricants. Thanks to its flexible base, item adapts to the contours of your body.

4. Njoy Pure Wand

The stainless steel dildo is ideally shaped for prostate massage.

Two heads of different diameters are suitable for beginners and continuing users.

You can also start with less and keep the fun with a sharp tip!

The best part has an ideal angle to get into your P-spot or G-spot. Durable, hypoallergenic material is not afraid of moisture, cleaning sprays and soaps. The stylish appearance of the anal arch will decorate your collection of sex toys!

  • With this item, you can easily massage yourself or your partner without straining your fingers;
  • The unique design and hand-polished make this arc a joy for perfectionists!
  • You will receive a spectacular box for storing sex gadget for prostate in the kit.
  • When cleaning, do not use abrasive substances, so as not to take the shine of the metal dull;
  • Because there is no electro mechanism, you will need to employ your hands actively;
  • This thing cost a pretty penny for a gizmo without any vibrating capabilities.

Customer Review

I like to use metal toys from time to time. This form of the dildo is ideal not only for guys but also for girls.

The larger tip seems to me too impressive for anal use, and I am sure that many people like these feelings! Besides, I’m a fan of not flexible structure; it’s easier to control the pressure. The design looks especially impressive to create an atmosphere of dominance.

5. Vector by We-Vibe

One of the best electro vibrators for prostate is Vector.

The sex device can work continuously for two hours, and a full charge lasts an hour and a half.

At the same time, the anal part of the gadget has an anatomically correct shape to make penetration soft and use comfortably.

  • Soft silicone material does not irritate the skin during the sessions;
  • This is a mobile application that is free and allows you to control your vibrator using your palms or assign it to someone else;
  • Even distribution of vibrations is ensured by two motors;
  • There are ten different patterns so you will not be bored;
  • You can continue in water with the next activity because this machine is waterproof;
  • In public places, it does not make noise.
  • The vibration power is at an average level relative to other analogues;
  • The inner head is small for experienced users;
  • Gentle material only requires the use of only water-based lubes;
  • Some users believe that the outer part is not well enough attached to the body and a bit narrow.

Buyer Review

This unit is medium in size and has an excellent finish. I think this is the perfect combination to start using a vibrator.

All modes are very diverse and do not look alike. I also like to play in the shower, so waterproof design is the best that sex toy manufacturers could do. When I don’t feel like messing with a mobile application, I use a convenient control panel, and it has only four buttons.


The choice of shape, length and strength of vibrations depends on your body characteristics.

The great bonus, however, is a necessity that can have ten or more modes.

The most important thing is a convenient shape and good material. When you are just beginning to use anal toys, the small or medium size will be perfect for you.