The Most Realistic Sex Doll Yet: Get Ready to Be Blown Away!


Get your ideal sex type with these fabulous dolls.

They are open to any experiment and ready for both rough and sensual play.

You can customize and buy your dream sexual partner in a minute. Appreciate the world of sexual freedom with these best female sex dolls.

Experiment using common sense. You can use affordable sex dolls in the form of a rear underwaterIt’s better to be safe with human-like dolls, especially the ones with a heating system Prepare to buy new cleaners for the advanced care routine

1. Thrust Pro Elite Alana

You would like to tap this girl.

The minimalistic sex doll is capable of giving you all true-to-life sensations and even more.

Learn all the necessary information about this toy now.

#Top Most Realistic Sex DollsBenefits
Thrust Pro Elite Alana

  • Creators made these sex dolls of specific silicone for you to experience the most realistic sensations
  • It is soft, and you can grip or spank that rear all you want Alana is ideal for true-to-life foreplay
  • The sex doll is of a perfect weigh and stable enough for you to use it without hands during sex
Thrust Pro Elite Layla

  • The designed position allows for deeper thrusting
  • The doll has got lifelike colours and sensations
  • Layla is quite solid and stable

  • Her shoulders are slender as well
  • The feet are also quite petite (8.3 inches)
  • Vaginal depth is 7.1 inches for pleasurable vaginal sex, and the anal one is 6.3 inches for tight-fitting anal sex

  • Arianna is 5 feet and 2 inches high, and it weighs 75 lbs, and it looks like a real girl
  • Her average proportions are 35.4, 25, and 35 inches accordingly
  • Toy has quite charming forms

  • The sex doll is pretty light (68 lbs)
  • The dolls can show off their long legs (30.7 inches) and petite arms (23.2 inches)
  • The vaginal depth of Alana is 6.3 inches for wild-ride vaginal sex

  • You can choose a hairstyle (among 15 options available)
  • You can pick an eye colour (classical green, brown and blue)
  • Decide upon nails and toenails tone (12 colours are on the plate)

  • Keep in mind the heating option available
  • This system can warm up Aspen to 37ºC
  • Select if your sex doll could stand

Where can you use these dolls?

You can exploit it practically anywhere. The material is wearable and safe to use underwater. So come and fancy your fill with this sex toy. Besides, the sex doll is affordable.

Our pick
Sensual exposure
Alana has got a 27-30 inches silicone waist and positively wide (36-38 inches) hips, that won’t ever lie to you.
  • Specific silicone
  • Perfect weigh
  • Length 7.5“
  • Width 0.5“
  • Alana is a perfectly rounded rear with a full-featured ribbed vagina and an ass masturbator.
  • The company has designed it perfectly for sex, so Alana provides all the sensual exposure.
  • The vagina is 7.5 inches in length and 0.5 inches in width. Besides, it stretches for the best tight fit.
  • The ass masturbator is 5.5 inches in length and 0.1 inches in diameter.
  • The sex dolls can wear medium-sized panties.
  • Alana lacks a full body.
  • You have to organize the storage for this toy; there are no individual cases available.

2. Layla

Here comes another lady by Thrust Pro Elite.

This sex doll is willing to spread her legs for everyone, willing to have a ride.

Magnificently alluring
Both canals can dive you into a world of sensual sex with their textured structure.
  • Lifelike sensations
  • Tight fit
  • Length 4.5“
  • Width 0.25“

Layla has the same material pros as her affordable Alana counterpart.

What differs this silicone sex toy from the other dolls?

  • This female sex toy fits her admirers’ a lot better than the other dolls from the range. However, it has average measures.
  • Both vagina and ass holes are 4.5 inches in length and 0.25 inches in width for a tight fit during sex.
  • The creators did not create Layla to beat around the bush, but the silicone sex dolls are stunningly attractive.
  • Their affordable price impaired with excellent quality will lure you into purchasing.
  • These silicone sex dolls have got good reviews. It has approximately 4 out of 5 stars on the manufacturer’s website.
  • It brings realistic sensations, and Layla stretches to fit your size.
  • The toy has a picky cleaning routine.
  • The toy’s got no extra body, except for the designed part of the rear.
  • Layla is set in a bland position.

3. Adrianna

This female silicone sex doll by AF Dolls is everyone’s wet dream.

Adrianna has juicy proportions, yet it is feather-light.

Looks natural
Her average proportions are 37.4, 21.3, and 37.4 inches accordingly. So if you will spoil her with clothes, don’t forget she has an L Cup bra size.
  • Weighs 87 lbs
  • Feet 8.3“
  • Anal 6.3“
  • Vagina 7.1“

The girl looks as true-to-life as possible.

  • Adrianna is 5 feet and 3 inches high, and it weighs 87 lbs, and it looks natural.
  • The female doll has got long silicone legs (29.9 inches) and small arms of the original size (25.2 inches).
  • Adrianna has the most alluring mouth, and it possesses 5.1 inches of room for oral sex.
  • You have to make sure you have enough space where you can store things safely.
  • Adrianna needs regular cleaning at the pool.
  • It is costly.

Your options in Adrianna’s appearance

While the physic proportions remain stable, you can choose your ideal female appearance.

  • The realistic dolls are available in 4 skin tones, from white to tan.
  • Its eyes can be blue, green, or brown.
  • You can choose between 12 toenail colours and pick either classic or nude French for dolls’ hands.
  • The sex dolls are silicone, and you can choose to what extent it will be substantial in their breast.
  • You have three options for an ideal nipple size (1.2, 2, and 2.8 inches accordingly).
  • Four degrees of pubic hair are available. Be aware that this option is a plus to the overall price.
  • You can also decide upon having a fixed or removable vagina. This addition is free of charge, and a removable one is easier to maintain and clean.
  • Select feet type to have your sex doll in standing or sitting position. Pay attention that you must pay an extra price to have Adrianna staying next to you.
  • If you want to have your doll shrugging, be ready to pay extra.
  • Adrianna is all about lifelike sensations. You can have a heating system embedded in the doll.
  • If you want to have a convenient storage option, you can customize your sex toy with a hook set or buy an additional flight case.

Adrianna is the most affordable in a range of human female sex dolls, but she still has quite a price tag. With this doll, you will purchase your dream girl.

4. Arianna

Get ready to meet your ideal sex partner. In contrast to Adrianna, Arianna is more moveable and realistically looking.

It possesses a metal skeleton and a squishy silicone body.

  • The doll’s long sexy legs measure 30.3 inches while its slender arms are 25.6 inches long.
  • There is more realism and options for change in the doll.
  • For the variety of changes that you can make this sex doll is pretty affordable.
  • As for the downsides, discreet storage remains your number one issue.
  • It takes time to clean the doll out of lube thoroughly.
  • Its mouth is small.

What sizes can this doll fit?

The depth of female sex doll love holes is the following:

  • 7.1 inches for a vagina for all your experiments during sex.
  • 6.7 inches for an anal hole.
  • 5.1 inches for a mouth for the best oral sex.

How can you make Arianna to your taste?

You can freely customize these female sex dolls. You can decide on the following options:

  • You are to change skin colour (from white to black).
  • You can feel free selecting hair colour and hairstyle for your dolls.
  • You can decide upon selecting eye colour (from green to blue cat and purple in the middle of it).
  • You are to choose the nails colour of your dolls.
  • Arianna has the same breast option and nipple size selecting as its previous counterpart, but you can experiment with nipples colour.
  • The same offers of pubic hair, body heating, storage hook, two types of the vagina and even shoulder-shrugging remain on the plate. You’ve got everything from these dolls for an impeccable sex experience.

5. Alana

This is the one from JY Doll. The sex doll is of TPE silicone and possesses a metal skeleton.

It is the most petite female sex toy among all the dolls.

  • It is a small doll. The five-foot height of female sex dolls makes it suitable for lovers of a slim partner.
  • Alana has the most realistic full breasts (34.6 inches), a dramatic waistline (16 inches), and alluring hips (33.9 inches).
  • Think of additional room and devices for storage.
  • Prepare for tedious cleaning.
  • Compared to others, Alana has a less fitting room.

Can you customize your unique doll?

Yes, you can master your sex dolls to perfection.

  • Skin tone changing is available (from white up to black).
  • You can choose between 10 different hairstyles for your sex partner.
  • Five realistic eye colours are available for these sex dolls.
  • You can choose your dolls’ nails in one of the six nail colours available.
  • You can decide upon solid or hollow breasts for your sex dolls.
  • Nipples are made in various sizes and colours. You can choose the best ones for your typical sex session.
  • Spice up your sex experience with either fixed or removable vagina and pick the amount of the pubic hair on the way.
  • You can choose if your toy can stand.
  • Get a closer look at the enhanced mouth for amazing orals from these dolls.
  • Keep in mind the heating option and additional items for storage.

Alana is an affordable yet sophisticated sex doll, so you quickly improve your sex experience with this lady.

6. Alani

Here is another sex doll from AF Doll company.

Let’s get a closer look at this realistic female sex toy.

  • These realistic Alani proportions are 37, 20 and 34 inches respectively. You should know the size of the bra, which is K cup for these sex dolls.
  • The toy is easy to carry and throw around.
  • Compared to the body, its legs are pretty long and sexy (30.7 inches).
  • As in the case with any female sex dolls, you will have to decide upon safe storage and additional room for your not so small sex toy.

What sizes can Alani fit?

  • The sex dolls’ vagina is 7.1 inches.
  • Anal depth is about 6.3 inches for experimenting anal sex.
  • Alani’s mouth is 5.1 inches for oral sex.

Things you can choose while purchasing these sex dolls

Here comes a list of items connected with appearance. Choose everything you fancy in girls during sex for a lifelike experience.

  • You can have the doll in various skin colours (from white to tan).
  • Choose your ideal breast texture (the solid or the hollow one).
  • Pick nipple size and colour.
  • Select pubic hair and vagina type for your dolls.
  • Decide upon standing or non-standing version.
  • Pick up the shoulders position of your sex dolls.

For other sundry products, you may consider purchasing a new heater, a handy stand or a storage case for your new sex dolls.

It is generally cheap when compared to specific requirements.

If you’re looking for the perfect middle ground amongst your realistic sex dolls that give you that realistic feel, this is the one.

7. Aspen

These are other female dolls from JL Doll. Admirers of wide hips should drop by.

These will present you the best sensations during sex.

  • The doll proportions are quite alluring: 33.5, 22, and 41 inches. Aspen possesses full breasts.
  • The sex toy vagina is 6.7 inches in length so that it will fit you perfectly.
  • The anal love hole is 6.3 inches in-depth for sensual anal sex, and there is plenty of room for anal sex lover.
  • As for downsides, thorough cleaning routine is still the issues.
  • You will deal with problematic storage.
  • It doesn’t have much room for orals.
  • It is pretty high, and it is harder to manhadle.

Customizing Aspen

You can treat this girl to your taste, and we will explore innumerate basic options.

  • The color of the skin may be chosen in various tones, ranging from white to black.
  • It’s your time to decide on the hairdo and its degree (among 15 options listed).
  • Choose eye ideal eye colour (from green to amber or a garnet one).
  • It is up to you, which nail tone your sex doll will wear.
  • Contemplate nipples sizes and their intensity.
  • You can decide on your new sex dolls being with hollow or solid breasts.
  • Take your time deciding upon a vagina. It can be fixed or removable, with or without pubic hair.
  • You can check additional storage options for more convenient usage.

Aspen stands out among other sex dolls with its more full rear, and it is pretty affordable to try.