Pick Out Your Best Vibrating Panties: Best Models 2021

Vibrating panties can become a very thoughtful and exquisite gift for someone who is not against trying something new.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that not all remote control underwear sex toys come with panties.

We’ll start with the best and highly popular models and finish with additional recommendations that might be helpful for inexperienced users.

If you want to enjoy your new vibrator, you’ll have to make sure it’s got enough charge to satisfy you:

The vibrating bullet is ready; the remote control device has batteries insideThe bullet charger is full; you’ll have about 2 hours to use it This amount of time depends on the intensity and settings you choose

1. Lelo Lyla 2 Vibrator

One of the best things is that this tool comes discreetly packed. It is very stylish. The manufacturer does whatever possible to make the customers feel delighted with the vibrating product:
  • Lelo Lyla 2 comes discreetly packed. You shouldn’t worry because your package will have no signs on the outside that will be able to reveal the contents.
  • This vibrator is always sent together with full instruction on how to use it and how to deal with maintenance.
  • The lubricant goes together with the product to let you enjoy it as soon as you open the package.

  • You’ll get a remote tool, a charger, and a brooch as well.

Make Sure You Use Your Panties Right

You can activate the vibrating tool with the help of 2AAA batteries. As soon as the vibrating bullet is charged and your device is ready to satisfy you, turn on the bullet, and you can already enjoy the basic modes:

  • Continuous pulse (for inexperienced users);
  • Steady pulse (for those who have already tried basic sex toys);
  • Quick pulse (for women willing to get the thrilling sensations and impressive orgasms);

  • Roller coaster (for sensitive ladies ready to experience something new);
  • Changing roller coaster (for those interested in unpredictable pleasures);
  • Random roller coaster (for anyone looking for something more than a regular physical satisfaction – if you feel your body and ready to predict your sensual and sexual reactions, this mode will be perfect for you).
These vibrating modes are available without remote control – you have to press the button on the device and enjoy yourself! The speed can be changed with the help of the small remote tool. Just use the buttons to make yourself or your partner feel on cloud nine.

The tool is very quiet and can be used on the public in case if your partner is ready for experiments. Besides, this is one of the best sex toys to use if you’re afraid someone will hear it.


Lelo Lyla 2: Vibration & Control

It’s one of the best sex toys with remote handling. It’s fantastic. The stimulating patterns offered by the manufacturer are powerful and intensely stimulating.

You lady will not have a chance to hold back her physical satisfaction. You’ll be impressed at how this little electronic tool can arouse your partner sexually and make her feel high at a time.

The remote control vibe itself can be regulated in line with personal preferences. The amount of available speed settings and vibrating movement patterns is impressive. The remote controlling process will come in handy.

Lelo Lyla 2: Basic Characteristics

  • Up to 118 feet range available for the enhanced functionality (there are certain circumstances that can interfere with the process of work, but most of them are listed in the instruction that you can study before the purchase);
  • Can work without a remote panel;
  • The intensity, as well as the patterns, can be controlled and changed by the user;

  • Waterproof;
  • FDA approved and safe for your health.

It will never be noiseless in a quiet space. It won’t be easily revealed in noisy public transport, but you’ll never be able to hide the noises in the enclosed space. You won’t hear it through the door, but you won’t be able to hide it in one room with someone you don’t want to notice it.

2. Lovense Lush Vibrating Panties

It’s one of the most powerful remote vibrators. It’s sleek and gentle to the touch.

It’s very functional, and the operation is incredibly simple! Will you be able to sustain your moans?

Options Available

  • Use it as a solo self-satisfaction tool to let off some steam while you’re alone in the bedroom. Don’t forget to get yourself in the mood with your favourite porn.
  • Use it for foreplay with your partner either on public or behind closed doors. It’s discreet and not that noisy.
  • Launch it in public places for more vibrating excitement to follow.

Interactive Panties

You can connect Lovense Lush vibrating panties with your mobile device for a more convenient remote operation either in public places or in your bed. There are several modes and patterns available for mobile connection.

  • Connect it to your mobile device via Bluetooth;
  • Use your underwear vibrator remotely;
  • Choose the preferable patterns;
  • Synchronize the tool with music;
  • Activate it with your voice for a flawless free-hand experience.

Intuitive Handling

  • The position of the buttons lets you switch it on and off easily even if it’s inside;
  • The Bluetooth connection is stable;
  • The battery life is long, and the motor is very powerful ready to deliver you incredible sensations no matter how long you wear it in your panties!

Wireless, Handy & Convenient

You can use Lovense Lush whenever and wherever you want. It’s almost noiseless and active from all angles and in all positions in case if you use it remotely. You can even use the device via the Internet with no limits.

Are you afraid of being too far away from your partner? Are you willing to make her feel satisfied? Lovense Lush remote vibrator in her panties will help her enjoy incredible emotions.

Of course, they are incomparable to actual sexual intercourse, but they will be a lot more satisfying than regular self-satisfaction sessions.

NO ONE will know you’re using it when it’s inside of you.

  • It’s discreet and noiseless;
  • It’s quiet and powerful;
  • It’s four times more powerful than numerous vibrating panties offered by the manufacturers of sex toys from all over the world.

Main PROs

The manufacturer of Lovense Lush Panties promises:


  • Up to three hours of continuous work;
  • Safe and harmless materials in the structure that will never cause allergic reactions;
  • Waterproof action;
  • Bluetooth connection;
  • Hands-free experience;
  • Convenient USB charge;
  • 12 years of warranty.


  • I didn’t find any

The vibrator itself is stable, powerful enough and has several patterns to choose for maximum satisfaction. Comes with a convenient and intuitive mobile application, does not need a wire to work, and is shaped to stimulate you anatomically.

Lovense Lush Sex Toy: Compatibility

The tool is compatible with a number of mobile platforms. Use it with any of your:

  • IOS devices;
  • Mac;
  • Android devices;
  • Windows PCs.

3. Fifty Shades Freed Vibrating Love Egg

It’s one of the most popular, trending, and physically satisfying vibrating tools you can wear in your panties. Panties are in the package.

You’ll enjoy the sleek design and the surface that feels so pleasant to the touch.

Briefs Are Included

The vibrator comes together with silky, smooth, and soft satin briefs in one package. The panties have ribbon ties to help you adjust them to the size you need. They will perfectly fit any body type even if you’re curvy and plump. That’s why this model is perfect as a present.

TIP: Fifty Shades Freed will be a lovely gift because it comes with universal panties able to adjust to all body types. You’ll never make a mistake if you choose a vibrator like this for someone you deeply love and respect because it’s versatile and universal.

Basic Characteristics

  • It has eight vibration patterns and twelve speeds;
  • The design is stylish and smooth;
  • The surface is soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • The remote device is convenient but not rechargeable;

  • You can recharge it via USB: two hours of charge for an hour of satisfying sex play (however, some customers agree that the charge does not last this long);
  • It’s water resistant;
  • Made of safe and hypoallergic silicone and plastic.

Fifty Shades Freed Love Egg PROs


  • The tool is very functional. This vibrator is perfect not only for a sex game in your bedroom but for nice body massage as well. Perfect for foreplay, as well as for sexual satisfaction process.
  • Made of high-grade silicone and plastic.
  • The design is sleek and appealing.
  • There’s an impressing number of patterns and speeds.
  • The controls are simple and intuitive.
  • Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey film.


  • I didn’t find any

Buyers Love It

Firstly, they are impressed with the package. It’s discreet, and the overall look of the box has nothing to deal with the contents. None of your family members or neighbors will understand you’ve ordered a sex toy. Fifty Shades of Freed Love Egg comes with a stylish and luxurious pouch.

Most of them say that the vibrating instrument for the panties is a lot more than something sexually exciting. The soft silicone in the structure makes you feel that you touch real skin. The position of the button is very convenient.

Almost all users are fond of the intensity of the pulsation. Nevertheless, when you make it work automatically, you have to deal with random vibrations that can be not satisfying enough.

As soon as you use it remotely, it seems to be a real hit. Quite a lot of users agree that this vibrator for panties needs lighter vibration options.

It’s incredibly loud while being on high settings. Nevertheless, you’ll be blown away by an action like this — a perfect tool for the fast and satisfying masturbation process.

4. Hot Date Thong Vibrating Panties

Forget about your conventional briefs and leave them deep in the drawers in your bedroom. Be brave and let yourself immerse into the world of physical pleasures controlled by yourself or by your partner for more exciting foreplay.

The vibrator in the panties is strong enough and silky to the touch so that you won’t feel its presence, but only enjoy the pleasing sensations delivered to your vaginal area and clitoris.

Comes With Panties

It’s a very stylish and well-crafted lingerie piece that will fit anyone thanks to the stretchy lace and ties made of satin on the sides. Combined with the vibrator having ten built-in modes it makes a lovely present for someone ready to support all your initiatives.

The underwear piece itself is very comfy, and you can wear it daily.

Slide your vibrator in and enjoy the discreet pulsations wherever you might want it.

Basic Information

  • Both the device and the remote tool come with batteries. They are initially in the package.
  • The recommended wearable size is up to 12 US size.
  • The vibrator itself is water resistant. Nevertheless, you should be careful with the remote. Keep it dry.
  • The length of Hot Date Vibrating Panties is three inches.

Customers Love It

Most women agree that wearing it while dealing with routine housework and other everyday chores and duties is exciting. You get so horny that you cannot hold it anymore. This way the vibrator becomes evenly useful for both partners.

Everyone agrees that the design is terrific; the vibrating device itself is stylish and discreet. However, some of the users say that being placed at certain angles the device starts moving inside the pocket destined to hold it in place.

The bullet is very impressive and leads you to fast and intense orgasms on the most dominant modes. It’s quiet, and you can easily use it on the public. The amount of options and modes is enough to use it not only as a vibrator but also as a massager.

5. Wireless Venus Butterfly Vibrating Panties

It’s a strap-on vibrator with a vibrating bullet inside. It is designed to be attached to your waist and thighs thus staying firmly in place stimulating your clitoris and helping you get the most thrilling climax.

The tool has various speed options starting from slow finishing with fast and intensive stimulation modes able to make you orgasm earlier than you might predict. Use it with lube to provide super intense pleasure.

These vibrating panties are probably the most basic ones. They won’t cost you a fortune, and they have simple operation and only one built-in speed of the bullet. It’s powerful enough to make you orgasm, and it won’t take too much time to clean it.

Basic Information

  • The bullet locked inside the butterfly panties can be easily taken out for effortless maintenance. You can use it without the butterfly casing as a massager for any of your erogenous zones.
  • The use is simple and intuitive. A single push of a button will deliver you strong orgasms and unbelievable stimulation that can be used as foreplay as well as in the process of sexual intercourse.
  • The straps attached to the butterfly casing are adjustable. You’ll be amazed at the variety of possibilities this vibrating device offers.


The vibrating device is not afraid of liquids of all sorts. Get it to the bathroom or use it with your favorite oils or lubricants. Wash it out with warm water and let the panties and the bullet dry.

Size & Materials

These vibrating panties are made of thermoplastic rubber and ABS plastic. The butterfly is 3.5″ x 3.5″. The batteries are not always included in the package.

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