Unlock the Power of Penis Pumping with Bathmate Review

Bathmate is the biggest producer of the hydro pumps.

Their toys are the right decision if you want a longer and stronger erection.

Your penis can rise and stand by using the hydro pump, which has everlasting results.

If you will choose one, then it’s essential to keep away from cheap, poor toys that won’t have enough suction or on the other hand harm you badly.

We have provided a review of the best Bathmates that we tried.

Hydromax 7 is the best one, but the final pick is your choice because all production from Bathmate is excellentThe effect of the use will stay with you for a long time, and the use is delightful and tender If you want to make your sex better – here is your choice
#Top BathmateBenefits
Bathmate Hydromax 7

  • Hydromax 7 makes erection much more prolonged and stronger
  • The sucking makes the blood come to the penis faster, so even if you have troubles with it, your penis will rise
  • Also, with the pump sex lasts much longer
Bathmate Hydro 7

  • You can use the Bathmate pump if your size is 4-6″ long and 2 inches girth
  • It includes most of the penis size
  • The Bathmate used official medical statistics to develop a perfect pump for most of the men
Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 Wide Boy

  • Using this Bathmate pump adds your length and girth, so you get your best cock for some hours
  • Sex will last much longer
  • 1 hour of sex is not a dream now

1. Hydromax 7

This is the best penis pump from Bathmate that provides real suction and refreshing effect.

Hydromax is not only the best Bathmate toy – it is the best one in the world.

But no one will believe just delights, so we want to tell you everything about Hydromax 7 pump from Bathmate.

Our pick
Prolonged erection
This is one of the safest and best toys, doctors approve it, and you can be sure that the Hydromax 7 pump is excellent. All the materials are safe for your tender skin.
  • Painless
  • 35% more powerful
  • Discreet package
  • 2-year guarantee

About the toy

This is the Bathmate’s Hydromax which we will be reviewing in this post, and it is built using skin-safe medical grade materials.

They’ll keep you safe all throughout your experience.

Aspen Clinical Research carried out tests on this Bathmate pump and they are confident that everything about it is high quality and safe. Additionally, the efficacy of the method was also endorsed in that hospital.

  • Doctor approved. Real practicing clinics tested this Hydromax 7 pump, and they are sure that the pump works. Aspen Clinical Research is one of the biggest clinics tested this Bathmate pump Hydromax 7. They looked at the results and approved them;
  • This Bathmate pump is painless. Pump won’t hurt you even if you are very sensitive; it feels soft but persistent;
  • You get a big guarantee. Sixty days you can return your Hydromax 7 and get all money back if you buy directly from officialhydromaxpump.com. And if your Bathmate pump breaks in 2 years after the purchase Bathmate will fix it or give you a new one;
  • Free shipping all over the world is an excellent complement to high quality. Not a single cent from your pocket will be needed even if you live in Alaska or Ecuador;
  • Package is secret. However, if you live with your family and know all the people in post office, you definitely understand how vital is discreet packaging that would save you from numerous questions and some awkward moments. Hence, Bathmate can save you from all those inconveniences;
  • You will have a lot of things inside the box. Measuring gauge, capsule case for safekeeping, cleaning brush, special towel, shower strap, and special cleaner.
  • All these items are just extras but they are very nice to have around and make using easier and more convenient;
  • The hydro pump in Hydromax 7 now is 35% more powerful.
  • It’s costly enough. We know that Hydromax 7 is unique and very good, but the price is huge even for the Bathmate.

How it was

We have got not just talk in this review; we must test Bathmate Hydromax 7 to be sure.

Writing the Hydromax review was hard just because it is hard to do describe all pros and find any cons.

You have to use the Bathmate pump Hydromax and some warm water: that’s all you need. For the first time, I put the pump on for 5 minutes for the review to look at how does it work.

If you have used vacuum pumps and didn’t like it, try this Hydromax from Bathmate. Warm water extends your penis very softly, the penis feels just comfort and tenderness, and it grows.

The effect of 5-minute use of Hydromax from Bathmate keeps for one sex, and my penis felt heavy and filled. That’s hard to describe, and you have to try it. Sex lasted longer and was better. Also, I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during all the use of Hydromax from Bathmate and after.

2. Hydro 7

This is a good Bathmate hydro pump that gives you quality and sureness in effect.

Everything genius is simple – and this is the best proof for this phrase.

High-quality materials
It gives the best erection. Your penis rises even if you have hard erectile dysfunction. You can have sex much longer than usual, and it is better.
  • Soft work
  • Better erection
  • Stronger endurance
  • Safest

About the toy

Certificated doctor-approved Bathmate pump is made of skin-safe materials and always provide good erection and comfort.

  • High-quality materials let you be sure about safety. Bathmate pump doesn’t cause allergy, skin hurts or allergy, and they don’t leave any injuries. Bathmate tried to make the safest pump, and he did it;
  • By employing it regularly, the Bathmate pump increases the size of your penis. You get permanent enlargement and better erection due to an accumulation of effect by which erections become easier and better;
  • You can use a pump while taking a morning shower or preparing for an evening bath, in a way you want. It will not take too much time or energy. Furthermore, you may purchase another strap that would liberate your hands throughout the entire use;
  • It works smooth than vacuum pumps; warm water helps to make your penis feel comfy.
  • Regular vacuum pumps can hurt you and dry skin, but hydro pumps from Bathmate kiss your body with the force of water.
  • You can choose the color. Red, white or blue transparent material lets you see the process and progress during the use. And colorful variants let you feel like you are in “Avatar” or “Hellboy.” Add some fun in your erectile routine!;
  • The extending goes to all the sides, so you have length and girth, not only length. Instead of extenders Bathmate pump influences on your penis size from all sides, so all parameters grow fast;
  • You can use the pump even if your erection is ok, to make a bigger penis size for some time. Erection and endurance also get stronger, so you can make your sex the night of your dream.
  • We did not find any

How it was

Testing this one, I already knew something about hydro pumps from Bathmate, so I was ready for the effect and wanted to go further in this review.

When I started the use, I felt how my penis is getting bigger and bigger inside of the Bathmate pump with each second.

Slowly it grew and became very filled.

This is the feeling when your penis feels very powerful; the difference with the normal erection was gigantic. Bathmate pump made sex longer also, but not so much as Hydromax.

I liked this one less than Hydromax 7, but the effect is very similar.

3. HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy

This Bathmate pump was specially designed for men with big penis girth.

If your penis size is more than 6,5 inches in girth, that’s your choice.

Maximum erection
If your penis is short but thick, it will help to make it more proportional and get perfect sex.
  • Without pain
  • More girth
  • Bigger forever
  • Detailed manual

We think that the appearance of this pump model was a great step from Bathmate because most of the sex toy producers don’t think about men with big penises.

They ignore their troubles, and the Bathmate cares about each user.

About the toy

It is an excellent choice for men with big penises. The pump made of high-quality materials and is perfect for any ways of use.

Bathmate pump can make your penis size more and more big.

  • You will be hard. Bathmate pump works by filling your penis with blood, which makes it as hard as a rock. This is the main reason why most men prefer using it due to better results even for those without erectile dysfunction and especially if you have such troubles, then Bathmate pump has got you covered;
  • If you use this thing constantly for a long period of time, then it can make your size permanently bigger and improve your sexual life forever. You do not need to go through pain and stress in gaining more length and girth;
  • There are a lot of necessary things in the box. They are very necessary and make the use more efficient and useful at the end of the day. They are not absolutely needed but contribute to easy-going use;
  • The controlling is very easy, so it is almost impossible to make a mistake and hurt yourself;
  • You get a very detailed manual that helps you to do everything right and perfect. The using is easy, and it is comfortable to do it, Bathmate told all the details and gave excellent instruction;
  • The review says that 92% of all the users are happy to get proper erection and great sex. Using this toy regularly, they made their penis size much bigger, and it got stronger.
  • Useless for men with smaller girth. Bathmate pump won’t make suction, and you won’t receive any result.
  • Very short penises will feel uncomfortable in this Bathmate pump.
  • Sucking can be too powerful if you are not so experienced user, you should start from another one.

How it was

The test was interesting, and the experience I got before was useful in this situation.

It was hard a bit but was going very interesting.

The feeling of the use felt almost the same as all other hydro pumps.

I pulled my penis in this Bathmate pump, full of water, and started to pump the water.

My penis started rising and getting bigger with each second. I used the Bathmate pump for 5 minutes like is recommended in the manual. My review of this one: good but not perfect. Hydromax 7 took his place in my heart, and I’m sure that it is the best one.

About the hydro pumps from Bathmate

The principle of work is the same as with the vacuum penis pumps.

You put water and pull your penis in the sleeve, then you pump out some water, and the pressure does everything other.

The blood flows into your penis, vessels work better in the warm water, and the erection comes faster and better.

The best mode of use in making 5-minute steps with 5-minute rests from 3 to 5 minutes.

The pump will give you a safe result, that will stay with you for a long time.

The best way to get a good result is a strict observance to the manual from the Bathmate.

Safety measures

Even such a safe thing as a Bathmate hydro pump can hurt you if you are not so careful and do not pay enough attention to the manual and the simplest safety measures.

  • If you started the use and your penis started changing the color, take the pump off. If the normal color didn’t come back in an hour, go to the doctor. And remember: there is nothing shameful in coming to the doctor with a problem like this, the real shame is to lose your penis because of your bashfulness;
  • You have not got to use the lube with this pump. The water will do everything by itself;
  • Don’t forget to wash your pump with a soft soap or special cleanser after each use. All hydro pumps from Bathmate are entirely waterproof, so you can wash them as much as you want;
  • Keep the Bathmate pump in the case, if you’re going to save it. The fall can break the plastic, and it won’t be the Bathmate fault so that you won’t get any money back;
  • The Bathmate should be followed strictly to the letter by all the instructions. This is because you can damage your penis when you use it excessively. Vitamin C, however, can also become a poison if taken too much; so there’s nothing strange about it. It’s important to remember that the Bathmate collaborated with doctors to develop guidelines and instructions. They are aimed at making this device safe, comfortable and useful to every user;
  • Use only pumps of the size of your penis. A wrong choice may not work or even harm you. On the website of Bathmate, you may fill in your length as well as girth and afterwards their special program will show you all models fitting you. Besides, in a package there is a special measuring device from Bathmate for you.

In comparison with vacuum pumps

Hydro pump from Bathmate is safer, mostly the Hydromax 7.

They have more soft and tender influence, so you don’t get any hurts or damage.

Rarified air in the vacuum pump can cause hematomas and hurts, and warm water is always sweet and safe.

How to make your penis much bigger?

The best way to get a good result is a combination. Take an extender and hydro pump, and it will give the best effect.

It works very easy: first, during the use of the Bathmate pump, you make the vessels in your penis work better and add some length and girth.

Also, warm water makes your penis more pliable and removes terrible feelings.

Your penis is pulled by the extender after it, causing micro tears and making it grow faster. In most cases, the Bathmate pump just adds length but also serves as a good form of exercise. This type of combination will make you have bigger size for your erection as well as enhance it and help you avoid small injuries and other problems that can occur from wearing an extender, or retarded growth one may experience with a Bathmate pump.

If you want something permanent, then Bathmate Hydro Pump is the right option.