Grow Your Penis Size with These Amazing Penis Enhancers!


Penis enhancer is a machine that makes your penis larger for one sex or forever.

Usually, they work not so fast but let you get a significant enlargement.

So here we chose the best penis enhancers that will make your length bigger.

Penic enhancer is a good way to make your sex better and to get real pleasure in any timeJust an hour or two every day: that enough and doesn’t disturb your ordinary life If you want to buy one, just do it and get desire in any time
#Top Penis EnhancersBenefits
Quick Extender Pro

  • It suits to any length of the penis
  • You can use it if your penis is thin or tall, anyway, all will be OK
  • Penis enhancer gives result forever. It won’t go away when you take off your enhancer of when some time will pass
Lovehoney Twin Teasers

  • You get your result in a second and can take it off at any moment
  • The texture of the sleeves makes your partner scream
  • It gives excellent stimulation on all the essential spots

  • The enhancing is painless
  • You don’t feel any pain or discomfort so you can use it as much as you want
  • You can use it for 3 hours a day without any troubles
Perfect Fit Fat Boy

  • The material is very tender, it feels just like a real penis
  • The heat conductivity is high so that it won’t cool your heated bodies
  • It is stretchy so it is possible to put it on the penis of any length, it will be good enough
X4 Labs

  • You can use it for healing the Peyronie’s disease or penile curvature
  • It doesn’t hurt you or gives any bad feelings
  • It is not so costly, so it’s easy to buy it in any situation

1. Quick Extender Pro

One inch more penis length and girth per month – is it a fairy tale?

Maybe it is a lie? No, it’s just an ordinary result of this toy in regular use.

This is a perfect choice if you want to be sure that you will get what you want and it will not go away.

Our pick
Completely painless
Enhancers from PeniMaster produced of safe medically tested plastic. It will work for years and show you all power of size enlargements for all your life.
  • Result forever
  • Fixes curvature
  • Longer erection
  • Safe materials

All that you need – these enhancers and some patience.

About the toy

Its effect is based on an extending medical. In the first part, you pull the base of the penis towards the testicles and fix the glans. Slowly, it pulls the penis so that you can get micro-breaks, without feeling any pain. Your body will start to heal. It fills the small tears in the breaks with healing fluid, so that your penis grows longer. The size increase will remain with you for life.

  • Safety. All materials are safe and can be used on such tender skin. Doctors approved it;
  • The fair price is a big pro. It is shallow. Also, you can get 80% discount with code “LABOR2019”;
  • It fixes penile curvature and Peyronie’s disease. The penis enhancers give a safe and painless result with any degree of illness;
  • The result can be fast. One inch per month is a lot. The outcome depends on your features of an organism, but if your regeneration isn’t so bad, you can get results;
  • It was a doctor-approved effect so you can be sure. It is not “fantastic dust of the dinosaur bones” without impact on your penis. The producer explains how it works;
  • It is completely painless. You put it on and feel just a small discomfort because you can’t walk with it, but no pain. You feel OK even if you have Peyronie’s Disease or penile curvature;
  • The erection gets harder and longer. You can have sex for a long time, and it will be great sex because of you new-old huge penis;
  • You have not got to use it all day.
  • You could get your money back in 30 days if you didn’t get the result. It gives safety to you and the company both: you can be sure that it works, or don’t lose anything.
  • This penis enhancer is not so cheap. It’s a bit cheaper than other enhancers, but still too much for most of the man.
  • You can’t use it with an erection

2. Lovehoney Twin Teasers Textured Penis Sleeves

This penis sleeve is a good pick if you want to get size enlargement in one second.

You get two sleeves in one pack.

Just put it on and start the sex.

Excellent stimulation
The good texture helps to make sex better and pleasant; your penis gets some pumps and hills for great vaginal stimulation.
  • Easily stretchable
  • Effect enlargement
  • Transparent material
  • Textured

About the toy

Rubber sleeves fit your penis tightly and strong.

They are soft and tender enough to help you to get pleasure and make your erection longer and stronger.

The material is soft and safe for your skin.

  • They work like condoms, giving you full safety from unexpected pregnancy;
  • Transparent material lets you see all the process. You can see your penis like in a curve mirror, and it is an unusual experience;
  • The sleeves are easily stretchable. They suit any penis length, even the biggest ones;
  • It gives you the right size. Also, the pumps and hills make an effect of the size enlargement to it feel much more significant than it is;
  • It can be used on any sex toys, vibrators or dildos. So if you want a bit more textured vibrator, you have not got to buy one more, just put the sleeve on your one;
  • The easiest cleaning. Rubber can be washed with any soft soap;
  • The material looks robust but is very soft;
  • The price is small for this pack. You get twice more result and pleasure for a low price
  • You have to use water-based lube with it. If you don’t, your partner can start screaming, but not with pleasure.
  • The cleaning can get a big headache because of the pumps and hills that can collect bacteria. You have to wash it very carefully and dry it for a long time to avoid the troubles.
  • You can’t use it for anal sex. All these hills are very soft, but anal sex is another thing. They can hurt gut and anus, and you will get lots of the pain. If you have anal regularly and know the abilities of your anus, buy one more pack or use the first sleeve just for vaginal sex, and the second for anal, or opposite. The pumps and hills can collect the dirt from the anus and give you the infection, so make full disinfection or divide the sleeves

3. SizeGenetics

This is a nice pick for men who want to make there penis bigger forever.

The effect stays for a long time and gives you a nice feeling during all the sex.

3 hours a day
They extend your penis, and it grows fast and good. It gives till 29% size enlargement in 24 weeks.
  • 29% enlargement
  • Heale curvature
  • Body-safe materials
  • Guarantee

About the toy

SizeGenetics uses for work the same biological processes as the Quick Extender Pro.

  • You can heal the penis curvature or the Peyronie’s disease;
  • It gives the colossal result: 29% of the penis size enlargement is big enough, so you get you much as you want;
  • It is made of body-safe materials. They all were medically tested, and you can be sure that it is safe and functional;
  • The effect is doctor approved. Real practising medics looked at the result, and they are sure, that it works just like the producers say;
  • The guarantee extends at all the time of the use, so if you bought it and didn’t get any effect, you can get your money back. Also, if it breaks, the producer will fix it or give you a new one at own expense;
  • It can correct the Peyronie’s disease or penile curvature without any pain;
  • You get very detailed instruction for the SizeGenetics
  • Waiting for the result can be too long. If your regeneration is not so good, the result can come for a long time and be very slow.
  • There is only one place of fixation on the length of the penis. And it is situated under the glens. It is not so good, because enhancer can fall off easily of hurt your tender skin slipping out.
  • Penis enhancer is costly enough. $200 for the smallest pack is not so good and too much for this lousy fixation.
  • It can give you some pain if the strap will slip away

4. Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin Penis Extender with Ball Loop

It makes your penis larger in a couple of seconds.

Just pull it on and begin the sex – that’s all you need.

There are lots of pros for this sex toy.

About the toy

This penis enhancer made of ultra-elastic SilaSkin that is perfect for sex. It has excellent heat conductivity, not too soft for regular sex and not too rigid to hurt you.

  • The ball loop helps the sleeve to stay on your penis during all the play even if you do it hard;
  • Loop lets your partner get to your balls and play with them without taking off the sleeve;
  • The sleeve works as a condom, you can cum right inside, and it will save you from all the troubles;
  • The rubbed interior stimulates your penis very good. So you have brighter feelings, but orgasm comes later, and erection is fantastic;
  • You get 1/2 inch in girth right in a second
  • You need to clean it very patiently, cause it can collect bacteria.
  • The sleeve makes feelings too weak, and the ejaculation will get impossible.
  • You can’t use the sleeve without the lube.
  • The package is not so good; it looks cheap and weird.
  • The sleeve is white, and it looks really strange

5. 4X Labs Penis Extender

That penis extender is perfect for making your penis strong and big, and your erection – very hard.

It’s comfortable, beautiful and useful.

About the toy

It has three places of the fixation on the penis. It helps you to get the maximum reliable and real feel of your penis during all the play after the use.

  • You can pick of the three variants of the straps. They can give you a faster result of tender feelings;
  • This toy can be cleaned easily. You need just some warm water and the soft soap to wash it;
  • There are eight spots of fixation, so it really can’t fall off your penis or slip away if you try to stand up or walk without this extension;
  • You get some presents from the company if you make a purchase. They love their buyers and try to make your life better and more comfortable
  • The effect is slow enough. It works longer than other ones in our rating.
  • The price doesn’t correspond with the cons; it is not so good, but expensive.
  • It hardly can work as a healing for the Peyronie’s disease or the penile curvature.
  • The size enlargement of the girth is not so big.
  • Rock solid penis ring that you get as a present is almost useless.
  • The full pack is huge, sturdy, and most of the objects in it are useless

How to use penis enhancers?

  • Put the penis extender on your penis. Fixate it just like in the instruction to it and check, does it fit your penis size you right;
  • Repeat it every day at least for to hours;
  • If you use enhancers more, your penis can get overloaded with effect,and it can finish not so good;
  • If you use enhancers less. The result can come very slowly or just not come;
  • Don’t use it at the walk or other places like them if you have not got to learn to walk freely with it. It can hurt you:
  • Don’t sleep with this toy on; it can cause lots of pain and wounds.