Unlock Pleasure with a Fleshlight For Sale: Get Yours Today!


A fleshlight — what a beautiful metaphorical name for an artificial vagina!

The eponymous American company has been producing them since 1998.

In their catalog, you can find various sex toys for every penis, and all of them proved to be reliable and useful. We introduce you a review of 5 best fleshlights for sale that are now on the market.

Sites that offer fleshlights for sale are one of the most exciting segments of the NetThere you can find many models of different size, color, texture, weight, and material We hope this review will help you choose the best one

1. Interactive Sex with Stoya Destroya

For sure this masturbator deserves the first place in the list.

The name is given after a world-famous porno actress, Jessica Stoyadinovich.

#Top Fleshlight For SaleBenefits
Fleshlight Interactive Sex with Stoya

  • Stoya Destroya fleshlight is appropriate for all sizes
  • The orifice and two first chambers are enough to make you cum
  • The third chamber is a bonus for people who can reach it
Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia Combo

  • Air pump effect adds more sensuality and makes stimulation more intense
  • The company sends items in a plain package with no direct mention of what is inside
  • The billing is 100% discreet
Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Lady Essentials Pack

  • The mild inner structure allows using it for a long time with no risk to feel pain
  • Skin-safe material defends foreskin from excessive friction
  • Secure checkout shows that the company cares about its clients
Fleshlight Go Surge Lady Pack

  • It’s medium tight, which is probably the best variant for the majority of users
  • Patented Fleshlight design creates an intense suction sensation
  • The orifice is pretty realistic, and the sleeve material is body-safe and pleasant to touch
Fleshlight Get a Grip Combo

  • You control tightness and intensity by yourself
  • The sleeve is soft enough, so grip it harder to make stimulation stronger and faster
  • This toy for sale is semi-transparent. If you like watching the process, it’s a nice bonus

If you buy this masturbator, you make your dream for Stoya real. Let’s look closer at this flagship male massager for sale from Fleshlight International.

Not just a fake pussy

Stoya Destroya is for sure one of the best and most unusual Fleshlights:

  • Its orifice is taken from the real molding of Jessica Stoyadinovich’s labia. You can naturally feel her sexy softness, warmth, and curves.
Our pick
Unforgettable experience
High interactivity — together with the device, you get a fleshlight launch. You can use it in combination with VR porn.
  • Fleshlight Launch
  • Sleeve Stoya
  • Fleshlube
  • 100% secure
  • The inner sleeve configuration is manufactured in the form of 3 interconnected chambers. Each chamber has numerous small massagers — “fangs,” which are made of a body-safe material. They stimulate your penis in a very sensual manner and leave you no choice but to orgasm.
  • This fleshlight for sale is suitable for intense stimulation lovers. Moreover, it can even serve for post-orgasm tortures in BDSM sessions.
  • The fleshlight is very tight. It can stimulate you equally well regardless of what willie size do you have.
  • It has a lot in common with the real actress’s vagina. The best choice for her fans. Combine its characteristics with watching Stoya’s porn movies — and you will get an unforgettable erotic experience.
  • The shipping is done in a way that your secrets are kept confidential.
  • Anonymous billing is another way with which you can protect yourself from prying eyes. Don’t worry; your wife and friends will never understand what you bought.
  • It is recommended because it feels good when touched by any body part and is made of totally healthy materials.
  • SuperSkin material has perfect skin resemblance.
  • The internal structure allows for massaging the penis from all sides for more comprehensive stimulation.
  • This item is waterproof.
  • Once you buy Stoya Destroya, you’ll also get Fleshlube Water, a Fleshlube Sample, a Fleshlight Launch and Operation Manual. The entire package ensures maximum pleasure.
  • Checking out is 100% secure.
  • Stoya Destroya guarantees intense stimulation, but it is not so realistic. Most real vaginas are not so tight, and stimulation is usually milder.
  • The sleeve tightness sometimes seems excessive. Some users claim that stimulation becomes too intense near orgasm point.
  • The cleaning process is challenging and time-consuming due to the “fangs”.

2. Riley Reid Utopia Combo

Fleshlight International launched a series of masturbators promoted by famous pornstars.

Utopia Combo is named after American porn actress Reily Reid, who agreed to be a living prototype of a fleshlight.

Intense stimulation
Riley Raid has millions of fans, and this fleshlight is the only salvation for them. If you wanted to feel Riley, this is as close as you can get to the dream.
  • Length 9“
  • 2 prolonged chambers
  • Air pump
  • Soft ribs

Similar to the Stoya Destroya model, it has many unique and useful features.

Why is it so good?

  • Original molding of Riley’s labia was used to make the fleshlight more realistic. When you touch the orifice, the feelings are almost the same as if you touch a real vagina.
  • Soft ribs inside the sleeve guarantee intense stimulation. They are located in two prolonged chambers — “pleasure pockets” as the company call them. Also, there are an orifice section and the small chamber at the very end, which serves as an air pump.
  • The whole length of the fleshlight is approximately 9.5 inches.
  • Utopia Combo is designed tight enough to deal with any penis size.
  • The masturbator is waterproof. That’s excellent news as masturbation in a bath is always more sensual.
  • You can be sure that the checkout will be secure. The goods will definitely reach your place.
  • Together with the fleshlight for sale, you receive Fresh & Clean care pack, 8oz of Fleshlube Water, Care and Usage Manual and a Fleshlube Sample.
  • The material is soft, health-safe, and warm. It can preserve heat from the penis and use it to make stimulation more realistic.
  • It can dare pleasure regardless of your penis length.
  • Utopia Combo, unlike the Stoya Destroya set, is not interactive.
  • The complicated inner structure makes it hard to clean.
  • Stimulation seems too strong for some customers.

3. Stamina Training Unit Lady Essentials Pack

It’s hard to find a man who doesn’t to be macho in a bedroom.

For many lovers, the greatest obstacle is the lack of sexual stamina.

Strong stimulation
Realism is above all. During the intercourse, you don’t feel ribs and fangs; the vagina is smooth and warm. Training Unit takes it into account.
  • Intense sensations
  • Mild structure
  • Massaging ribs
  • 8oz Fleshlube

Practice makes perfect. Fleshlight International decided to help men to exercise not cumming quickly and created a special toy.

It also suits teens who yet doesn’t have a sexual experience.

What makes it Special?

  • Stamina Training Unit is designed specifically for long stimulation. The inner structure is less aggressive than on Stoya Destroya or Utopia Combo.
  • The design also allows for practicing different sexual techniques.
  • Massaging ribs are located all along the sleeve, providing you with comprehensive and equally strong stimulation.
  • Fleshlight Company designed the Stamina Training Unit to replicate the intense sensations of real sex.
  • The Fleshlight Gold STU is one of the available male masturbation aids that look like a stylish flashlight. It emphasizes the value and worth of the product.
  • This discreet shipping and billing service ensures that nobody discovers your secret.
  • Good exercising is difficult exercising. This is also right for sex toys. Stamina Training Unit Lady Essentials Pack includes an 8oz bottle of Fleshlube water, Renewing powder,
  • Care and Usage instructions, and FleshWash cleaning solution if bought by a customer.
  • The stimulation is not intense. If your aim to cum quickly, this massager certainly is not for you.
  • There’s no interactivity.
  • Those who have fetish on a porno actress will find out that this masturbator is plain, as nobody acted as its human prototype.


4. Go Surge Lady Pack

A typical fleshlight for sale is big. The largest part is an orifice section — it’s approximately the same size as an apple.

The manufacturer has decided to launch a compact and kinky product which will suit those who spend a lot of time on the road.

With Go Surge Lady Pack, fleshlight transporting becomes easier.

Key features

  • This is a smaller version of the original best-selling Fleshlight with all its advantages.
  • A one-hand grip gives you more space to realize your fantasies, leaving your second hand free.
  • Fangs and ribs interchange inside the sleeve, making your feeling of the fleshlight more diverse and pleasant.
  • It’s just 7 inches long — very discreet, compared to other fleshlights for sale.
  • High portability. The case is smaller and lighter — it’s much easier to store it even at home.
  • The shipping and billing are anonymous; the checkout is secure.
  • Together with a masturbator for sale, you get lubes and instructions.
  • Most men find the fleshlight for sale very inconspicuous, but this small size is not suitable to those who have larger genetalia.
  • Length of its retrievable part is only 6.5 inches.
  • It is difficult to clean the debris from between the ribs and fangs since it is too close.
  • Doing so with two hands is easier for some individuals.

5. Get a Grip Combo

Fleshlights for sale usually look like flashlights. However, there are some exceptions.

Get a Grip Combo looks a little bit like a knuckle duster — but this is the only similarity between them.

In fact, this fleshlight for sale is a perfect development of hand masturbation. It is small, light, and easy to operate — these are criteria of good masturbators.

Why is it different?

  • This is a sleeve-only toy, which means that there’s no big rigid body.
  • You insert your fingers into special holes on a masturbator and wrap it around your penis.
  • Inside the sleeve, numerous massaging ribs make masturbation brighter.
  • The company offered completely new technology to clean the fleshlight after each use.
  • It’s the smallest toy in this review — you can conceal it anywhere. The length is just 5.35 inches.
  • This special drying case makes cleaning faster and more effective, so the toy serves for a longer time.
  • Billing and shipping are 100% discreet, ant the checkout is secure.
  • The drying case, lubes, FleshWash cleaning solution, and instructions go together with Fleshlight Blue Ice Grip itself.
  • It is so unusual that fans of classic fake pussies may find it challenging to get used to Get a Grip Combo.
  • Small size is convenient for traveling with a toy, but there might be problems with deep penetrating.
  • Realism suffers. There’s no realistic orifice, and you perceive Get a Grip Combo just as a tool for masturbation.
  • Drying case is much bigger than the toy (8.75 inches), and it negatively affects portability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people become interested in sex toys, but not all of them know how to use such equipment properly.

We compile the most popular questions and answer them.

What is the difference between an expensive toy for sale and a cheap one, if functions are the same?

A branded toy is a branded toy. The material feels better.

There’s no risk to harm yourself because of unpleasant friction in a sleeve made of low-quality material.

Moreover, trusted manufacturers often give clients an extended warranty.

Can I use vodka or ethanol for cleaning?

Tru that if you want to destroy the toy. Only soapy water or antibacterial fluids are suitable for cleaning.

Ethanol or strong detergents easily damage soft material.

I heard that silicone things might be damaged on a plane due to frost or something. Is it right for sex toys?

It’s a myth. Airlines keep the normal temperature (68 degrees or more) in the cargo. Your masturbators will be in safety there.