FleshPump: A Revolutionary Way to Enhance Pleasure – Review


Fleshpump is a new sex toy from Fleshlight. The famous company began making toys, giving you not only pleasure.

This pump will make your erection longer and stronger.

It is not the first pump for a penis in the market. But it is the first pump yielding 100% safety, reliable result, convenient use without inflating manually and the price, low in comparison with others. This review will tell you all, what’s important.

Donut sleeve gives maximum comfort and pleasure to your penisIt features a quick release safety valve in case you become enthusiastic about your penis size USB charging lets you use your Fleshpump anywhere

How does it work?

Penis extends and becomes firmer because vessels in a penis are better prepared for an erection.

If you are disturbed by erectile dysfunction, sluggish erections or premature ejaculation, this pump will help you to solve problems of your sexual life.

Make your couple scream from mega-pleasure with your penis!

Inserting the penis in the Fleshpump, you will observe how directly on your eyes it increases every second.

Our pick
Vacuum pleasure
Fleshpump does an erection much longer due to an inflow of blood to the relaxed penis
  • Pump size for all penis sizes
  • The easiest release of the penis
  • Very quiet
  • USB charging

Penis will become longer, broader and more extensive in all respects, besides, it will become much more resistant.

The difference in Fleshlight is that they use the scientific approach.

Any plots, cunnings, and inventions – only the real relation and a clear understanding of opportunities of a human body. And unsolved opportunities! Read the review before purchase – there are lots of pros and cons of Fleshpump for your penis.

How to use Fleshpump?

  • For a start, be convinced that Fleshpump Donut is clean, on him, there is no dust, parts of dirt and any foreign objects. Before use clean Donut with the soft cleaning soap intended for sex toys and wipe carefully by the not fleecy towel, without having left moisture at all.
  • Lubricate a penis that is sluggish with lubricant of high quality. Fleshlight’s special lubricant is a great choice. It is designed for their products and is the perfect lubricant. Bad lubricant can also harm your penis.
  • Place a penis in FleshPump Donut Sleeve opening. Be not afraid to damage the penis: the opportunity looking narrow and hard will easily pass the relaxed penis. The opening is made such close to maximizing vacuum effect.
  • Place pump on the penis so that to feel comfortable.
  • Hold with one hand pump at the penis basis, and another adjust a vacuum so that to see the effect through transparent walls. Your penis will grow in the eyes. Adjust without fanaticism, do not allow pain and discomfort in the penis.
  • If your penis becomes red, but you do not feel pain, it is normal. Blood actively draws to your penis; therefore it appears through thin skin on your penis. It is not harmful, and it is not dangerous, the penis will not fall off.
  • Increase vacuum power gradually to protect themselves from pain and discomfort. Too fast pumping can cause micro hematomas, bruises, and pain, to damage vessels in your penis. The Fleshpump in itself is not dangerous, merely take it slow.
  • If you felt discomfort or pain, release a vacuum and remove the pump from the penis. If pain does not pass, ask for medical care immediately.
  • The average time of pump use is between three and five minutes. The pump should not be used for longer than five minutes. Take a rest of at least an hour in between each application. You will have a safe penis and will avoid any injuries or unpleasant feelings.
  • Carefully clean a pump after each application. Take Donut and peel him using water and also washed, as before use. For clarification of walls of a pump use only dry fabric or a towel inside and outside and do not allow moisture hit inside and on a pump. From moisture, it can explode and actively damage your penis.
  • After use charge a pump. Use a wire of USB-micro USB which goes complete with a pump, insert charging into the socket and allow a toy to be loaded completely. Don’t charge in the conditions of high humidity.
  • You can upgrade your Fleshpump and turn it into the coolest sex-toy. Read some review about this transformation;
  • You get a guarantee for your Fleshpump;
  • It feels like suction of your penis entirely of your cock. Your head, shaft and all get maximum stimulation and suction;
  • It can be instanced in a moment, doesn’t demand handwork and inflating. Easiest erection with Flespump!
  • Less than 120$ for real increase of size and erection and great feel of suction;
  • This toy is simple in use anyway. You the beginner, and is your first toy for penis growth? Did you try everything in this world for your penis, and it is the last thing which you did not try? Anyway, any will deal with it.
  • This pump so easy that it can be used directly on the run. It is less than two pounds and the maximum pleasure.
  • Only one size. If your penis in length more than 8 inches, you are not able to use Fleshpump. But Fleshpump is ideal for all penises of the size smaller, than this.
  • It can be too hard or too weak, and during the first uses, you can hurt yourself.
  • The battery will eventually wear out. If you were initially excited about the fact that it was rechargeable, you will be disappointed later because you can’t remove Fleshpump while charging.
  • Don’t forget to check the operating manual before the first use, because if you do something wrong, all this Fleshpump breaks in your hands.


13.3″ length. 8” insertable length x 3” diameter.

Fleshpump is made of high-quality plastic, absolutely safe for men’s health. It’s hard and strong, but very light.

This pump won’t break if you will drop it down the floor, will not break as other cheap low-quality pumps, will not hurt your penis. Review prove: it’s one of the strongest toys.

Fleshpump don’ts

  • Avoid this toy if your penis is not too sensitive. You will not notice how you do much harm to yourself!
  • At the emergence of great discomfort and pain do not tighten with the address to the doctor or the health worker!
  • Do not urinate or ejaculate in a pump!
  • Do not allow any liquids to get in a pump, do not wet it and do not put in water!
  • If there are any problems, such as a decrease in power or an increase in humidity, disconnect the pump and remove it from the system.
  • Just do not use it in those conditions in which would not begin to use the hair dryer!
  • Do not use a Fleshpump in a shower!
  • Before purchase, it will be better to consult with your urologist if you want to be trying to get rid of this toy of erectile dysfunction.
  • Be not fond of this pump: it can strongly injure your penis at the wrong or excessively long use. It is possible to achieve excellent and safe results only at the strict following of the instruction.
  • The pump is not the certified means for an increase in the size of a penis, treatment of erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation. Do not lay more hopes on it, than it is possible!

About Fleshlight

Fleshlight is the company which is engaged in the production of the most qualitative sex toys.

Their business began with vaginas with the packings imitating small flashlights — such format allowed to disguise a toy ideally and to secure the privacy against strangers.

Now the company which is not stopping developing could expand the range.

Now on the website, you will find the toys inside imitating vaginas, mouths, and anuses of popular porn actresses, vibrators, dildos, Kegel’s balls, anal toys, accessories for oral sex and masturbation of couples, toys for men, loving men. According to reviews, it is the best company making sex toys.

Fleshlight is a new development – a pump that strengthens the penis while extending the erection. It was a logical extension of the business, and all of its efforts are aimed at improving the lives of men.

This toy can become exciting and hot sexual experience. With this review, you can choose your best.

Try it, and your sexual life will become precisely hotter.