Unlock the Pleasure of Self-Love: Discover the Benefits of Male Masturbation Machines


Masturbation is not a shameful process. Especially when it comes to women.

But what about men? If you’re already informed about pocket pussies and most-popular versions of Fleshlight sex products, it’s high time to consider trying more.

An automated sex masturbator will make you hard, but it won’t be hard to deal with it. It’s your lucky day today because we’re about to review the best male masturbation machine products tried and tested in 2022.

It’s a masturbators with a crazy inner texture Used as a powerful stimulator both for the release of sexual tension and for the enhancement of performance It’s a universal machines for beginners and for the advanced users of male masturbation toys

1. Autoblow A.I. Machine

General Description

The tool promises to deliver a high-end blowjob experience ever available with automated sex stimulation sex tools.

Enjoy the full stroke with Autoblow A.I. till the very bottom of your male organ.

#Top Male Masturbation MachinesBenefits
Autoblow A.I.

  • The maintenance of Autoblow A.I. is as effortless as it can be
  • The material is 100% silicone – the basic version of the Autoblow A. I. comes with a mouth sleeve
  • There’s always a possibility to pick out the size fitting your penis
Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

  • 3D views and stereoscopic view option
  • Unique design. Stoya Destroya is molded from one of the most popular porn stars
  • The inside of Stoya can be a real challenge with a number of chambers and surfaces covered with ribs, bumps, and spikes
Lovense Max 2

  • The masturbator is wireless – use it to preheat your partner before the intercourse
  • Max 2 is designed for 360 automated stimulation experience
  • The air vent is fully adjustable – you can control the suction
HotOctopuss Pulse III Solo

  • The sex toy offers hands-free experience
  • Most cock sizes will fit
  • There are 6 vibration patterns, and tempos
Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

  • There’s a magnetic lock to ensure that your device is properly connected with the charger
  • The device is noisier than the manufacturer promises, but it’s still very effective
  • Hands-free stimulation is incredible

Improve your automated blowjob experience with the four options listed below:

  • Full Stroke,
  • Intense Edge,
  • Fast Edge,
  • Teasing Slow Stroke,
  • Top Stroke,
  • Bottom Stroke,
  • Top Stroke Combined with Bottom Stroke and Masterstroke (two intensity options available).
  • Complete A.I. Experience.

The manufacturer promises the best blowjobs ever delivered by automated machinery.

Most users agree that the present version of the device is one of the best products ever released by the manufacturer.
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Functional
  • Realistic


  • It’s a safe device that does not need batteries to work – just charge it up via a regular USB port;
  • Autoblow A.I. can be connected to the VR set so that you can immerse yourself in the world of sexual satisfaction;
  • Artificial intelligence is programmed to deliver you the most satisfactory vibes depending on your speed and intensity preferences;
  • The inner sleeve can be changed for another option that will be more convenient for you;
  • The toy needs renewal powder when it’s idle – this way the sleeve and the inner mechanisms will last longer;
  • It’s powerful and quiet.

Users’ Opinion

  • Too expensive for some users;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Feels like real skin;
  • Perfect for all penis sizes – the manufacture doesn’t lie this time;
  • Your partner will hate it because of its accessibility and functionality.

2. Stoya Destroya Interactive Sex Machine

General Description

Stoya Destroya is one of the iconic sex products of Fleshlight. 

Combine it with Fleshlight Launch for an intensive and surprising automated jerk-off pleasure.

Extremely stimulating
Operate your Stoya Destroya Fleshlight via Bluetooth and combine the process with the specially encoded porn videos that will help you get immersed in the process as if it’s real sex.
  • Powerful
  • Virtual
  • Effortless in maintenance
  • VR-compatible


  • “Virtual options,” where your Stoya Destroya Fleshlight can be combined with this manufacturer’s most sophisticated robotic sex toy for amazing virtual pleasure that comes with Virtual Reality goggles on;
  • Versatility is available with the Stoya Destroya. It can be used as a stamina builder and to satisfy you instantly.

Users’ Opinion

  • Expensive, but worthy and reliable among the alternative toys;
  • It’s one of the most extremely powerful toys – sometimes even too powerful when it comes to the inexperienced users;
  • The maintenance is effortless in comparison to a number of stimulation toys;
  • The choice of interactive videos available for VR use is not sufficient, but the manufacturer tries hard to improve the situation – the existing video options are few but satisfying.

3. Lovense Max 2 Sex Machine

General Description

The design was created with the male anatomy in mind.

The aim is to deliver maximum pleasure safely and make you want to get back to Max 2 again and again.

The device is fully rechargeable – you don’t need batteries to make it work.
  • Rechargeable
  • Automated
  • Powerful
  • Remotely controlled

The manufacturer promises to revolutionize your regular jerk-off process with their toys.

What does it mean? Let’s have a brief look at the device.


  • In accordance with your sexual feelings, you can adjust it;
  • The sleeve is made from hypoallergenic material;
  • Most cocks fit Max 2;
  • The pussy sleeve is the most realistic and one of the bestseller toys.
  • Control the masturbator via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to please your remote partner regardless of where you are.

Users’ Opinion

  • The charging process could have been faster;
  • Max 2 is a cost-effective sex device;
  • The masturbator is sufficient for big cocks (maximum length is 9.5 inches);
  • The extra grip rebels feel very satisfying;
  • Preprogrammed vibration patterns are very impressive.

4. Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential Sex Machine

General Description

The manufacturer says that the sex toy will be suitable for any penis length and girth.

It will deliver you a perfect hands-free experience.

You won’t have to stroke to get a satisfying jerk-off experience. Besides, you’ll get a 12-months warranty, secure payment, and protection of your information. Hot Octopus understands that their toys mean nothing without the customers’ satisfaction – they try hard not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

It’s one of the greatest innovations in the world of sex toys. It’s powerful, stylish, and safely designed for all male users. Is it so, or there’s something to pay attention to before buying?


  • The machine works on the base of Pulse Plate Technology sex toys;
  • You don’t have to stroke – scientifically programmed vibration patterns will deliver an alternative, but extremely satisfying orgasmic pleasure in comparison to most toys.

Users’ Opinion

  • You can use this device to cum and be satisfied for a long time after masturbation.
  • This machine will fix your erection problems once and for all, it works fine even with a flaccid penis because of its powerful vibrations. It is generally agreed that this is just an upgraded version of the masturbator which can serve as a stand alone or in a stroking process.

5. Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator

General Description

It’s one of the most unconventional male masturbation toys that will blow your mind if you’re ready to spend more than a hundred bucks on it.

Numerous users have approved it without any worry about the quality of the materials and safety to your skin.

This is effective because Cobra Libre II aims to stimulate particular parts of the user, regardless of how small or big his penis may be. Have you ever experienced such earth-shaking orgasms that make you weak at the knees? Yeah, it is one of the best ones to try.


  • Offers a very powerful stimulation of the penis glans;
  • Resistant to water and can be used in the bathroom;
  • Does not need batteries to work – it’s fully USB rechargeable;
  • It’s very quiet.

Users’ Opinion

  • This toy is a good option for the first time sex toy user, it is easy to use and teaches you how to edge properly.
  • There are several options of vibration that are adjustable during masturbation.