Best Numbing Condoms: Sizes Trojan, Durex Performax non Latex – Guide

There’s a significant number of numbing products in the market of sex tools.

There’s always a possibility to get a cost-effective lotion or spray to make your sex or self-satisfaction experience smooth and painless. A properly chosen product with the so-called desensitizing effect will provide you with prolonged pleasure and save your sensitive skin from rushes and inflammations afterwards.

These little latex helpers can be very useful, especially if you’re new into sexWe’re going to review the best and most popular numbing condoms Review preferences and the feedback of the buyers

1. Durex Prolong Delay Textured Condoms (12 Count)

The manufacturer promises intense pleasure and complete relaxation.

The textures made in the shape of tiny dots and ribs will deliver additional stimulation. The lubrication is light but sufficient to provide the user with a numbing effect. The lube is water-based, which helps to avoid allergic reactions or skin-rashes after sex.

#Top Numbing CondomsBenefits
Durex Prolong

  • The pack contains 12 condoms
  • The ribs and dots help the partners share mutual satisfaction
  • The condoms are neither coloured nor flavoured
Trojan Pleasures

  • The surface is smooth and silky without any textures
  • It has a regular shape with a tip on the end for extra comfort
  • They are perfect if you need to turn down your excessive sensitivity
Trojan Sensitivity

  • There are 10 condoms in the pack
  • They are 40% thinner than the other condom models produced by the brand
  • Premium latex is the main material
Durex Performax

  • Contain 5% benzocaine
  • Have ribs and dots
  • Non-spermicidal, water-based lube

Basic Specs

  • The material is latex;
  • The lubricant is water-based and non-spermicidal;
  • The overall length of the condom is 8 inches, and the size is regular.



  • A flawless experience for both partners. These condoms enhance sexual performance helping both men and women have more pleasure and get nice orgasms.
  • Absence of smell and taste make these condoms very desirable.
  • That’s quite a pricey product, but most customers agree that it’s a must-have anyone should keep in the bag or a drawer of the bedside table.


Has no colour, smell, and taste

The design is basic with a tip offering extra space for more comfort and safety.

  • Has ribs and dots
  • The lubricant is water-based
  • Made of latex
  • 8 inches long

2. Trojan Pleasures Extended

These unique condoms can lead you to the new orgasmic levels thanks to an unusual lubrication mix.

Benzocaine is one of the main components, which helps to turn down excessive sensitivity. It takes longer than usual for men to orgasm.

trojan pleasures
Most reliable models

The condoms are effective for the prevention of PE (Premature Ejaculation).

  • Made of premium quality latex
  • Contains 4% benzocaine
  • Have no textures
  • Have no smell at all

The lube is pleasant and silky to the touch, and the shape of a condom is convenient in all matters, making it effortless to deal with the clean up after sex.

Basic Specs

  • The pack contains 12 condoms;
  • The manufacturer promises a longer-lasting intimacy with your partner.


  • Trojan Pleasures Extended were tested electronically and proved themselves to be safe and protective.
  • Most buyers agree that these condoms don’t have an unpleasant smell of latex.
  • Contain quite a lot of lube, which is highly effective for desensitizing. Some men say that there’s even too much numbing.


  • Some of the users say that the desensitizing effect needs time to get activated. They advise putting the condom on while having foreplay to reach a satisfying numbing feel.
  • It’s hard to say whether it’s a drawback or not, but most men can last up to an hour just using these Trojan Pleasures Extended condoms. Some women find this a bit disturbing. However, it depends on your sexual preferences and capabilities of your partner;
  • The condoms turned out to be too large for penises slightly smaller than average.

3. Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Condoms

These condoms might seem overpriced at first.

Nevertheless, that’s a unique product incomparable to a number of items of this category.

They are among the thinnest and safest condoms ever produced.

trojan sensitivity
40% thinner

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Condoms make you last longer, but, at the same time, they don’t turn down your sensitivity and deliver greater pleasure.

  • Thin high-end latex feels like natural skin
  • Tested STI protection
  • Deliver intensive orgasms
  • No interference with the sensitivity

You feel like you wear nothing while having sex and, at the same, you stay safe from STDs.

Basic Specs

  • The thinness of the material gives you more sensitivity;
  • The product passed through a three-phase testing procedure.


  • It literally feels like real skin – gentle, soft, and smooth.
  • Most customers agree that this model is a way better than anything ever produced by Trojan.
  • The condoms stay in close contact with your skin even if you use vibrators, magic wands, and vibrating rings.


  • The price is the only drawback the customers pay attention to. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best models of real-feel condoms ever available in the market.

4. Durex Performax Intense Condoms (12 Count)

These condoms are destined to help you reach climax simultaneously.

They have a distinct texture with ribs and dots. Combined with the innovative lubricant covering the condoms help to delay male orgasm and to speed up the female pleasure.

Basic Specs

  • The pack contains 12 condoms;
  • The numbing effect is caused by 5% benzocaine in the lubricant;
  • The lube is water-based and non-spermicidal;
  • The length is 7.5 inches.


  • Female customers find the textures of Durex Performax especially enjoyable.
  • More intensive pleasure is guaranteed.
  • The numbing effect is sufficient for most of the customers.


  • The amount of lube seems to be insufficient for some of the customers. Nevertheless, there’s always a possibility to add up a bit of water-based lube.

Bottom Line

Most numbing rubbers are highly effective against premature ejaculation.

Of course, they will never help you completely get rid of the problem without proper medical treatment. However, they can be an excellent add-on to your current treatment course. Condoms like these will not only help you stay aroused for a prolonged time; they will make you feel confident of your male powers.

Things to remember about the numbing rubbers:

  • Their inside is covered with lube containing benzocaine or lidocaine. This helps men to get rid of excessive sensitivity and experience prolonged erections. Make sure you are not allergic to the desensitizing components to avoid disturbing consequences.
  • They can make your female partner feel numb inside her vulva. Make sure you don’t put your fingers inside your partner’s vagina after putting the condom on. And, of course, ask your partner whether she can tolerate desensitizing components.
  • Quite a lot of them contain nonoxynol-9, a spermicidal lubricant preventing pregnancy. You should remember that this chemical might cause unpleasant sensations in some of the women. Besides, it’s highly contraindicated to use these rubbers more than two times a day if you do not have a permanent partner. They have insufficient protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • A sexually healthy couple in a permanent relationship can use rubbers that contain a spermicidal lubricant without restrictions in case if the only thing that both partners need is contraception.

These rubbers offer a wide range of added sensations thanks to the lube that can warm, cool, and even tingle your skin.

However, you should remember that lubes like these might contain components and supplements irritating genitals.

Gynaecologists still feel a bit sceptical about the tests carried out by the famous brands, because physiological reactions are intimate depending on the person. 

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