Penis Traction Device: Extender, Stretcher, Enlarger Without Weights

Many guys doubt that things like penis extender work.

A lot of medical research has been devoted to this topic.

But we, as practitioners, are only interested in the results achieved. We chose three devices according to customers who are worth it to use them. Let’s start our rating!

Choose the model with the best reviews, create an individual training program using the instructions, and enjoy the processAfter half a year, you will be delighted to look at your reflection in the mirror Remember that the results depend on your diligence and the anatomical features of your body


Penis enlargers should have only two properties: be effective and safe.

At the same time, a quality penis extender should be comfortable to wear. If the user is uncomfortable, unpleasant, or even painful, no one will comply with all the requirements. And training should be regular to ensure effectiveness.

Quick extender Pro gives good results to its users and also has all the necessary certificates of compliance with medical standards. The mechanism is intuitive and straightforward. Any guy can customize the appliance to their settings using the instructions.

Double Strap Support provides tension on the axis and tip of the penis.

Traction spring has several levels of customization. The maximum impact on your penis is 4 kilograms.

Penis extender benefits


  • In just a month you will get penis growth by 1-2 centimeters (depending on the individual characteristics of your body).
  • The double strap system makes wearing the penis extender as comfortable as possible.
  • Traction mechanism allows not only to add lengths to your penis, but also to correct curvature in any direction.


  • In this model, they are not. The only difficulty may be going to your doctor if you have serious illnesses. In this case, the manufacturer recommends consulting a doctor. If you are healthy, then there are no barriers to using the penis traction device of your choice.

Technical features of penis device

  • In production, use only inert materials that do not cause allergies.
  • The penis extender is easy to wash and dry. No special storage conditions are required.
  • Traction mechanism withstands prolonged and regular use.
  • The penile device is licensed. If necessary, each owner can call for service or replace parts.

How does penis traction work?

Slight tension leads to microcracks on your penis. It is not painful and completely safe; you will not even notice it. But the skin will react with the formation of new connective tissue.
Thus, a gradual increase in penis occurs.

Penile device efficiency

On average, most customer results fall within the range of 30-32% penis growth. Most other penis enlargers are less active.

It is necessary to conduct a traction session for 4-6 months regularly to achieve such a visible effect. Further, the number of workouts can be reduced, but not to stop classes entirely to maintain and consolidate the result.

Bonus non-invasive penis traction

  • Customers do not need to spend time visiting the clinic and adjusting the program. You see the results and build on this.
  • If you follow the instructions, it is impossible to do even the slightest harm to yourself.
  • You can also combine essential medical treatment (if you need it) with homework.

Buyer Feedback

I set a short-term goal to increase my penis by 1 centimeter per month, and then double the result in a few more months. The instructions come with several training plans, depending on your needs.

I chose the simplest, but I did all the work with the penile traction appliance regularly. In 3 months, I reached the set firs.

Now I have adjusted the training scheme. I made them shorter and did it every other day, instead of daily practice. I can say that penis extender works! Therefore, do not be afraid to try and go to your dream!

2. Proextender

Is it possible in a few months to change your physical data with penis traction?

Now home-based non-invasive treatment guarantees you excellent results.

All that is required of you is perseverance and regular training!

ProExtender engineers did everything to make the system reliable, safe, and comfortable. You do not need to go to the service center if something goes wrong. The appliance is fully guaranteed for two years. Also, if you do not like the result, the manufacturer will refund you the entire amount spent! Therefore, try the new product; you do not risk anything.


  • You can also adjust penis curvature to any degree of severity.
  • Each user can adjust the tension depending on their feelings and needs.
  • In the kit, you will receive several specially designed training schemes for each case. In the process of using a penis extender, you can freely change the lesson plan, as well as create it yourself.


  • To obtain consistent results, you must use the penile traction device regularly.
  • To maintain the achieved level, you must systematically repeat the exercise.

How do penis enlargers work?

Light or medium penis traction provokes the appearance of microcracks on the skin.

Soon they are filled with new cells, which are intensely divided in the places of breaks. Thus, the penis can be increased in length and width, as well as to adjust its shape.

Customer Feedback

I tried this penile device on the advice of my surgeon before the operation. As a result, I ultimately refused surgery. I had a moderate degree of curvature of the penis.

After four months of daily training, this defect has almost disappeared.

My doctor says that after another two months, the curvature will completely disappear and all that remains is to maintain the result. The workouts themselves are comfortable, so I don’t have to force myself to wear a penis extender.

3. Jes-Extender Original

Do you want to enlarge your penis, but are afraid to go to the surgeon?

It is not necessary!

Now you can improve your penile health without leaving your home!


  • The appliance makes it possible to correct the consequences of Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis in any direction to any degree).
  • Wear the product painlessly and comfortably.
  • The training program is attached to the instructions, which can be changed and adjusted to your liking. Duration and frequency of sessions, as well as penile device settings, are selected for the most common situations.


  • The penis traction some users find difficult to build.
  • For consistent results, regular training is needed.
  • The appliance is suitable for guys with penis up to 24 centimeters (here we agree with the manufacturer that the rest is useless for the rest).


  • The case of the device is designed for comfortable wearing by guys with small and medium penis sizes.
  • Retractable tubes you can customize to your needs.
  • The shock-absorbing strap does not allow the skin to stretch too much.
  • A soft pad to protect the skin prevents friction from irritating sensitive areas of the body.

  • Extension rods with a length of 2.5 and 5 centimeters allow you to adapt the appliance for beginners and continuing.
  • A set of keys will enable you to lock the selected settings.
  • Instructions and training plan will help you determine the actions.

How does penis traction work?

The mechanism is straightforward. You put on the device, set the necessary settings, and carry the equipment for some time.

You do not feel any discomfort, just a little tension. At this time, micro-cracks occur in the desired zone. As a result, the cells of the connective tissue divide intensely, adding to you the desired volume and length.

When you have achieved positive results, the settings can be changed if you want to continue. To consolidate the effect, you will need to continue training in the previous settings and not necessarily daily.

As a bonus, you will get a more robust and stable erection. It is due to increased blood flow.

Buyer Feedback

I was terrified of harm, so I immediately purchased a certified product that was approved by medical research.

The process turned out to be very comfortable, and you do not feel pain and other unpleasant sensations.

I saw the first result after three weeks. He was not as good as I would like, but I continued. After three months, I received an increase of 1.5 centimeters. It was worth it. I will continue my studies and hope to get even more visible effect!

Precautionary measures

If you first decided to use such a device, you probably would like to get the results here and now.

Be patient! Only plastic surgery provides instant results. But such an intervention has many side effects.

Penis enlargers can be compared to fitness. You will not get eight dice on the press after the first day in the gym.

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