The Ultimate Prostate Pleasure: Discover the Best Prostate Massager for Maximum Satisfaction


Prostate massager opens some new sides of the orgasm.

Even if you are mega-hetero, it is lovely.

With it you open an additional erogenous zone to play with it an hour after an hour. It’s a unique view and one more way to take pleasure. And so good for your health, of course. (1)

So, you feel all the sensitivity in your perineum and penis. One of them is worth mentioning: anal orgasm that men have differs from the one that we are used to. Now we will tell you about the best models, compare them and list their pros and cons.

We are sure that the best way to make your sex much better is the male prostate massageThe coolest thing is that stimulation like this makes all your body more sensitive If you are looking for a way derive pleasure maximum, choose the vibrating prostate massagers

1. Hugo

This beautiful massager gives the most intense orgasm.

Anatomically thought-out form, best materials, what else do you need for better sex? Just Hugo.

Our pick
Incredible massager
This massager suits for couple and single play. The controller makes the sex much better and uncomplicated
  • Quiet: 50 Db
  • 2 hours work
  • Smooth
  • Rechargeable

About the toy

The size of this toy is 4,1 х 4,2 х 1,6 inches. It’s made of ABS silicone, very smooth and beautiful material. It is safe for your body.

  • The remote control is a clever addition for toys.
  • The massager is rechargeable. It keeps the charge for 2 hours, and full charging takes the same time. Also prostate hasnerve termination than a dick, so 2 hours is more than enough to fall empty and happy;
  • It has a noiseless prostate massager. It only produces 50 Db! In case you don’t shout, your play would not be heard from other rooms or flats.
  • Roaring and powerful vibrating massagers cause you to tremble inside at the thought of Hugo. This gentle but strong sex toy will heighten your feeling.
  • Water and moisture are not an issue. Both the handle and the plaything can be kept and used under water;
  • For all its products, LELO Company guarantees every customer for one year. Thus no harm can come to it. This comes along with a possibility of receiving a huge discount on range in LELO if the gadget breaks down within ten years from now.
  • Hugo exists in three colors: blue-black-darkest-purples – sexual and beautiful looks;
  • The anatomically thought-out form is excellent for prostate stimulation, and it gives excellent stimulation for your sensitive perineum;
  • The size is outstanding for all the men independently of the level of stretches and other factors. Even the newbies and skillful men will get real pleasure;
  • Motion control lets you make your play impossible. Little advice: attach your remote on your wrist and masturbate, and the vibration from every move of your hand will make your sex twice better.
  • The size of the toy is too small for those who love lots of anal sex or fisting, so if you like big dick sizes, it won’t suit you.
  • The remote is not rechargeable; you will need three AAA batteries for its job. So if you don’t like batteries, it is not your choice.
  • This toy costs a lot. It’s much more expensive but better than other toys. But here you pay just for the quality.

2. Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Vibrator

Strange but sexy form, hot and smooth feel, durable vibrating feel – this all is Mantric.

No any tricks, just best intense orgasm.

Realistic material
The anatomically thought-over form makes you scream and get orgasms one be one. It has got lots of ledges, deepenings, and furrows
  • Length: 5,5“
  • 1 hour works
  • Silicone
  • Waterproof

About the toy

This toys diameter is 1,5 inches; insertable length is 4″, and the full length is 5,5″. It is made of silicone.

  • All the parts of these toys are rechargeables. Full charging takes 1,5 hours, and it will work without breaks for 1 hour. This massager is strong enough to give you orgasm in one minute;
  • It is waterproof. But remote is not and be careful with it; it can break very fast or give you a powerful hurting jolt of electricity;
  • The sex toy has an LED panel on its side, which shows the active mode. Therefore, it has the ability to turn your intercourse into an amazing anal trip;
  • A perfect remote control unit for both single and couple’s play; anytime you can use it anywhere;
  • It works with the remote system or you can just press the buttons if your remote is out of charge and you are not far away;
  • It will not make any noise or make anything that would be a source of embarrassment for you during any moves or plays.
  • In the anus, there is a very strong motor generating a vibrating sound and gently widening this part of the body;
  • The material is very soft, and it looks like real. Soft and sweet toy feels real that will give you many sexual climaxes.
  • The remote is not waterproof so you can’t use it in the water as much as you wish. It can easily break with water.
  • The full time of work is too little; only one hour is not enough for regular and full sex. So recharging every play is too dull.
  • The prostate massager is very small so it can easily fall off and it will spoil everything. Its size is a positive moment only for beginners.
  • The prostate massager is very noisy in the roaring modes. So if you love roaring high vibration and hate noise, it is not your choice.
  • The instruction for work with a masseur of the prostate is complicated; therefore you should find nearly half of all independently to the touch.


This sex toy suits for the best types of sex in the world.

Single or couple sex is available, safe and soft material – that all suits for a powerful orgasm.

Silky feel
The anatomically thought-over form is excellent. It provides a unique hottest feel for the prostate and to the sensitive perineum
  • Insertable length: 4“
  • Diameter is near 1“
  • Maximum diameter is 1,06“
  • Minimum is 0,93″

About the toy

There are two sprouts; they don’t let it fall inside your rectum and stuck inside. It’s made of silicone.

  • This sex toy suits for newbies and skillful men both. It is suitable for everybody with all the anus sizes. You can use it with just a little stretching and some lube. It is easy and pleasantly;
  • You can use it without using your hands. Hands-free system is excellent for safe and discreet sex in any place and situation;
  • There is a sturdy inner frame, so it makes it feel almost like a perfect dick with some crucial moments in your anal;
  • FDA, the most significant organization, proved that this toy is safe;
  • This prostate massager suits for all prostate types and it is excellent for all the regardless of the arrangement of your prostate.
  • There is no vibrator inside. So it makes all the play not so fresh, this can be not enough.
  • The sprouts don’t look so safe, and it can fall inside or your rectum easily. It can lead to big troubles, you should go to the doctor and to be treated.
  • The metal part inside is dangerous because silicone can easily rip and go missing. There is still this metallic base that can cause serious damage to the intestines or anus causing them to tear apart.
  • It is expensive to purchase. It is too costly for a toy without a vibrator, and with metal frame,we don’t know why it is so expensive, but it is and it doesn’t seem like much of an investment.
  • The lower part is too small to feel any pleasure from it. The beginning bit is also too wide and long.So before using anal carefully stretch it out;However,this does not make any sense because during sex you the anus can be contracted and pulling it out will be excruciatingly painful.
  • This toy seems not so high and doesn’t look sexy and erotic. It looks like a hanger for clothes with a thickening.
  • The material can cause allergy.

4. LOKI Wave

This massager for your anal is so good.

It is a great way to increase sex and make it much hotter.

This small toy makes you more sensitive and influences all your essential points. So you get more pleasure.

About the toy

Its size is 3,6 х 7,7 х 1,7 inches. That’s the best for real sex.

  • Blue or black? Both of these colors are wonderful and very sexy. They both look masculine and male;
  • It is the first vibrator with “come-to-me”-move. It feels like a very tender finger pulling your prostate;
  • This prostate massager is entirely waterproof.Start your play underwater if you want. all the time, but you can’t put it in the water on charging. Avoid any humidity while charging, it can cause a joint of electricity and hurt you very much;
  • Thissex toy can be recharged so your sex won’t spoil nature;
  • You get a guarantee for this toy. Also if your toy breaks during the next ten years, you get a massive discount for all the range of LELO.
  • There is no remote control, and you need to use your hands all the time.
  • It is not so good for masturbation, you must use all of your hands, and if you want to use it all, it will be complicated sex.
  • The buttons on the massager are arranged in a way that is not very convenient and in addition to this it’s hard to change vibration mode when using it. We all know that massage devices must be used with an application of lubricant. Lubricant makes the buttons inaccessible and as soon as it comes in contact with sex, there is no possible way of switching off.
  • This toy has some sharp edges which can hurt you.
  • The prostate massager is too big and requires anal stretching for a long time. It may be a tough journey for you and you will have to get many other toys to achieve enough result.
  • This toy gives no vibration. It just moves, and nothing else matters, if you like vibrations, it’s not your choice.
  • The sex toy has a sprout for perineum stimulation, but it gives no vibration, so it’s almost useless.
  • This toy costs a lot. It requires much more than, but it is not as good and has a lot of cons.

5. Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Butt Plug 3 Inch

This sex toy suits for all the plays which you even can imagine.

It gives soft and tender vibration to your anal.

About the toy

This toy is 5″ long; ins. Length is 3″. The diameter is 3,7 inches. It is made of silicone; it is very soft.

  • There are four available speeds, and you can choose any of them, can switch them easily with small and cute remote;
  • The packing is lovely and male. It looks very discreet but confident and beautiful, so you get best feels just from the moment of receiving;
  • It is small enough so you can start using without stretching the anus.
  • This prostate massager is not rechargeable. You need some batteries. They spoil nature, and if you are going to save your planet, it’s a wrong variant.
  • It almost doesn’t suit for masturbation. The wire is too short that you can not use remote and move the sex toy to have sex.
  • This toy is not flexible. It is very rigid, and it can spoil all the sex. Also if your intestines are bend, it can hurt you very much.
  • This massager is very noisy. Everybody can hear it even from another room, and it’s so enraging.
  • The controller is wired; it’s very uncomfortable. The wire is made of low-quality material, it can break easily. The wire is very short so your sex will be not so good.
  • It is, so it is almost useless for real anal massage. It’s like a finger, not actual device and you have 10 fingers for free on your hands. That’s a starter pack for fisting lover.
  • The batteries discharge very fast. They lose the charge in an hour, and you need to buy new and spoil nature worse and worse.
  • It poorly is established inside and practically does not keep inside of you. It easily can fall off, so it is terrible for any public plays.
  • The remote is quickly soiled in the lubricant, and it is tough to switch buttons in the course of sex.
  • The wire can fall off very fast and efficiently so it can kill all your pleasure. It falls out and breaks all the time, and it is hard to find the same wire.

Safety measures

  • Always use lube. The suitable lube for all the toys is water-based. Let’s remember some school course: the same destroys the same. A silicone-based lube will damage silicone toys in a moment so you should add only water-based lube;
  • The vibrator – rather valuable addition;
  • If you feel pain, any discomfort and it doesn’t pass away after 1 hour, come to the doctor. This situation can seem awkward, but actually, it is much better than operation;
  • Your choice matters. A prostate massager made of cheap material can cause itching, pain and allergic reactions.
  • Also, it is important to select cautiously. Just go for models that have protection against sliding in them. If the prostate massager slipped inside you, see a doctor. Never try to remove the toy on your own because this could be really disastrous. Non-expert actions can ruin rectum and colon;
  • Beware of cords. This wireless prostate massager works via remote control. It is far better than cables which break and may give you a terrible electric shock;
  • Avoid high humidity while charging. It can destroy the toy and maybe you. Avoiding high humidity during charging is an essential moment for all the objects;
  • Stretch your anus before the sex to avoid pain and bad feelings;
  • The useful models are rechargeable. They don’t spoil nature. Also even if you don’t care about life, it’s your choice, and we do not judge. But if you choose the massagers fed from batteries you should choose them carefully. Low-quality batteries can explode.

We hope we didn’t scare too much with these safety measures. Most of these bad scary things will not matter if you will follow some simple rules.

All your sex gets better with this experience. You open one more type of sex for couples and single men.

It gives more trust and confidence in your sex.

We hope we told you enough information to pick the top model. Just choose one and make your sex the coolest thing in your life. And no need for some exotic treatments abroad, if you have problems. (2)


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2. Repetitive prostatic massage therapy for chronic refractory prostatitis: the Philippine experience