Automatic Fucking Sex Machine: Kens Twisted Mind

Automatic Fucking Sex Machine: Kens Twisted Mind

Automatic universal sex machine will give you a lot of unforgettable feelings.

A sex machine is a tireless lover who will want you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

A sex machine does not drink and does not throw dirty socks. Can be used in various poses and with different nozzles.

Having bought an automatic universal sex machine, you get a guarantee for constant orgasms!

We provide the top of the best automatic sex machines, consider all the advantages and disadvantages, features, and characteristicsThe main evaluation criteria are a guarantee, quality, brand, device stability, nozzles, hands-free use, charging method, device power We are happy to help you with choosing a masturbator that will give you a wave of unforgettable sensations
#Top Automatic Sex MachinesBenefits
Autoblow 2+XT

  • Sleeves: reusable, easy to clean, have three sizes
  • The new design ensures long existence of sleeve
  • Can be used even while charging
Fort Troff Doggy Pounder

  • Doggy Pounder is secured to the bench in a few seconds
  • The dildo is put on quickly, but firmly. Do not be afraid that it will fall during the process
  • The strength of entry is adjustable

  • You can control the Motorbunny from a tablet or smartphone
  • Comfortable vegan leather saddle
  • It has vegan leather Bunny Rest bench for additional positioning
Kens Twisted Mind Thunder Balls

  • Thunder Balls will last forever, as it is made of durable steel
  • The built-in stand adjusts the angle and height of the machine in your chosen position
  • Thunder Balls works vertically and horizontally
Robo Fuk Adjustable

  • Save lubrication (there is sliding material of the dildo and sleeve)
  • The dildo bends, so you can direct it to massage the G point
  • It is impossible to injure in the process

1. Autoblow 2 Blowjob Machine — unlimited blowjobs!

Still not sure how to satisfy yourself? Get lost in a wide range of masturbation products?

Enjoy the smartest blowjob in the world!

Our pick
New design

A point massager gently squeezes the penis, massages cock and brings you an excellent orgasm during masturbation.

  • Works 500 hours
  • Reusable sleeves
  • Control speeds
  • Charging from mains

Don’t spend money anymore on someone who will give you pleasure by sucking. Save your cash with Autoblow 2. To get the unearthly pleasure, you need this sucking masturbator only and time for your enjoyment.

It is easy to use the Autoblow 2 Blowjob Machine. Lubricate the cock and turn on the sucking device. That’s it — let’s go! Adjust settings and get a high-quality orgasm!

Why is Autoblow 2 the best automatic sex machine?

  • The biggest plus of this masturbator: it does not need to be mechanically moved up and down during masturbation.
  • Autoblow 2 is better than usual blowjob or masturbation because you can’t always tuck your penis as deep as you want.
  • Do not need expensive batteries. It is charging from the mains.
  • It works up to 500 hours. These are approximately 2000 blowjobs. Can your girlfriend do that?
  • It trains male stamina in sex.
  • It is possible to replace the sleeve to the one you like. To feel the difference, you can get all the sleeves and change them when you wish.
  • You can control the speed and intensity of the sucking masturbator.
  • Use in pair.


I bought this device two months ago, and there is no limit to my joy. I use it for masturbation every day, so this is my drug! When handled properly, my cock ejaculates in 5 minutes.

This process is delayed for half an hour when my wife is sucking. The sensations are very realistic! My cock is happy!

On my advice, a friend bought an Autoblow Machine. He uses it in the bed with his girlfriend. I prefer to do it alone. It is easy to clean, and there is enough charge for a long time. I am satisfied. I do not find any flaws. Sucking Machine paid off its price.

2. Doggy Pounder by Forttroff — unreal senses without hands!

This amazing jerking sex machine is suitable for all lovers of soft and rough sex!

Men will appreciate it no worse than women.

Compact storage

There are three speeds of jerking. The weakest jerk is 1 hit per second, the average jerk is 2 hits per second, and the highest jerk is 3 hits per second.

  • Stand height 87 cm
  • Base diameter 35 cm
  • Bracket length 55 cm
  • Easy assembly

Such an aggregate has three speeds: the first is for warming up, the second is for standard penetration speed, and the third is for high speed.

For using it is necessary to fix the machine on a bench and attach a special dildo to it. It is attached with or without an adapter, twisted into a spiral. Adjust the angle of the simulator and the height of the rack. After that, with the help of lubrication, enter the masturbator inside and turn on the Doggy Pounder.

The price is approximately $580.

Product Features

  • Traction length is from 1 cm to 8 cm.
  • Product Material: steel and ABS plastic.
  • It can be used without a bench.
  • The kit includes a jerking dildo for beginners.
  • The kit also includes 110-220 V power cord, universal wrench, and machine lubrication.
  • The bench is not included.


My boyfriend brought this thing to our home, and now it lives in our bedroom. This automatic machine gives me pleasure while I’m tied to a bench.

During it, I can suck my boyfriend`s cock while he is playing with a power regulator. This is an incredible feeling when you are attached in your favorite doggy style pose and do nothing!

The tilt angle is easy to adjust. Besides, the tip with a dildo spins 360 degrees in any direction, so you will not feel any discomfort if you install the penis correctly.

3. Motorbunny Sex Machine by Adam & Eve — powerful emotions!

It is a unique sex machine for women, which can also be used by men.

With the help of its wild vibrations and rotations, Motorbunny Sex Machine will bring an orgasm in minutes.

Ideal penetration

Control the strength of the vibrations and pick your pace. Sex machine will replace you any man.

  • 4 nozzles
  • 11 modes
  • App for smartphone
  • Convenient controller

Motorbunny is very easy to use. You sit on it and turn on the speed and vibration you need using the controller. If you are interested in penetration, you need to take off your clothes and secure the nozzle.

After that, get on the motor vehicle and control your enjoyment.

Do not forget about the lubrication!

  • Well-known quality brand Adam & Eve.
  • 100% Guarantee.
  • Refund within 90 days.
  • There are four different nozzles.
  • There is a separate convenient controller with power levels, including rattle and rotation modes.
  • There are high levels of intensity of the sex-machine.
  • AC / DC converter and adapter for an outlet.
  • There are two nozzles for massage the clitoris.
  • It has manual, including 11 options for using an automatic Motorbunny.
  • You can use sex machine in pairs.
  • You can attach additional accessories, such as nipple clamps, wrist or ankle braces.
  • It is not necessary to use a motorbike with penetration. Try to climb on it in clothes first.
  • Heavy and loud.
  • Expensive.

Characteristics of the sex machine

  • The maximum vibration frequency reaches 7000 vibrations per minute.
  • Rotational speeds are up to 160 rpm.
  • Withstands weight is up to 450 kg.
  • Seat dimensions: width 29 cm, height 21.5 cm, length 29 cm.


My wife rides it like a mad, and I like to watch all this process. It brings me great pleasure. Sometimes I control a machine and my wife cums. It takes longer, but I like the feeling of power!

The vibrations are strong, so the one is slightly loud. You also need a place to hide it. It’s rather big.

Both my wife and I are happy with the purchase. We will experiment with this toy more and more.

4. Thunder Balls Fucking Machine by Kens Twisted Mind — satisfy any hole!

This automatic sex machine will satisfy any vagina or anal passage.

Whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, single, or paired — this toy will make you happy!

Double penetration or imitation threesome? No problem! Thunder Balls will satisfy all your dreams and desires!

To use it you need supplementary dildos and other nozzles. Attach the dildo to the spit and start the automatic sex-machine. Use the slider and angle to play with the Thunder Balls and get an unreal experience!

  • Work quietly.
  • The quality product is from the USA.
  • The small size will allow you to place the device wherever you want.
  • The speed is adjustable using the remote control (from 0 to 250 beats per minute).
  • 220 V, 240 V, 50 Hz, 110 V, 60 Hz —power requirements. You can order any of the stated electricity requirements and the company will send you what suits you more (no extra charge).
  • The angle of inclination is adjustable.
  • It is steady even on a soft bed.
  • Warranty is two years for electronic parts and ten years for the frame.
  • Jerking masturbator weights 8 kg. Heavy.
  • The purchase does not include a storage bag, additional accessories, dildos, and others.
  • At lower levels of height, it is difficult to adjust the angle.


Delivery is fast. My wife and I were eager to try it, but there were children at home that day. We just set it up for those features that we want to try.

And, we guessed it because making all the settings quickly, you risk spoiling your mood.

When we finally tested it, we were both pleased. My wife got a bright orgasm with the help of an automatic jerking toy, and I had an unforgettable blowjob.

It is easy to regulate the Thunder Balls, but you have to get used to it.

We put the pillow under the desired side (forward, if you need higher, and back, if you need a corner down).

But in general, this is a miracle jerking toy. I think great experiments and unforgettable hot nights await us!

5. Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Sex Machine by Lovehoney

Explore your wildest fantasies with this jerking device!

You do not need to strain, just set up the machine and it will do jerk by its own.

The company also delivers two nozzles in the kit — one for women and one for man’s masturbation.

Prepare the sex toy for work: connect it to the network, screw the dildo to the bayonet. Lubricate your organ or nozzle with a lubricant and insert the organ into the vagina. Control the power with the remote control and enjoy the process!

  • Fast delivering.
  • 1-year warranty if you register on the Lovehoney website.
  • Comes with two realistic dildos: man`s penis (18 cm long) and soft woman`s vagina.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Stable thanks to the legs on the suction cup.
  • Control a jerk without hands.
  • Easy to install and adjust.
  • Soft sleeve for masturbation.
  • Unstable on beds and soft surfaces.
  • Loud.
  • There may not be enough power for anal penetration.
  • For anal sex, you need to prepare a hole (achieve the desired size) and then use a dildo.
  • Due to the soft material of the sleeve, you don’t feel the texture.
  • After some time, the toys become sticky. They need to be stored in powder.


A broken machine came, but the company changed it to working one without problems.

A great sex toy, but you need to lubricate yourself well. Otherwise, it slows down and stops working. It is jerking perfectly.

It is an astonishing feeling for a cock too.

It’s wrong to use it on the bed, it falls. You need to attach it to something. At low speeds, the toy teases, and at the highest pace it repeats the rhythm of a person in ecstasy, moves quite quickly, but the jerk is not a jackhammer.

Well suited for those who do not have children, it is loud.

The biggest plus is that the partner can get tired, and the machine will work until the lights turn off!

For such a price it is a great toy.


  • The best device in sex games is the Autoblow 2 Blowjob Machine for masturbation. This super sex toy will do all the work for you! It does not need to be installed for a long time to choose the right angle. You are provided with a fantastic jerk and sucking during masturbation. Autoblow 2 is a complete success in the world of sex!
  • In the second place, there is Doggy Pounder by Forttroff. This device is for all lovers of “doggy style” position in sex.
  • This place is for Motorbunny Sex Machine by Adam & Eve. This motorbike is crazy! You can use it even in your clothes and get an orgasm!
  • Thunder Balls Fucking Machine by Kens Twisted Mind takes the fourth place. It is really like a thunder! Jerk is so powerful!
  • The last place takes Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Sex Machine by Lovehoney. There are to nozzles for men and women that won’t leave you without great pleasure!
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