Unlock the Pleasure of Interactive Sex Toys: Discover a New Level of Intimacy


Interactive sex toys have entered our lives relatively recently.

But now every year there are more and more of them. How not to get lost in all this diversity?

For this, we wrote this article!

A very convenient mobile application for an interactive gameStrongest emotions you experience when the vibrator is synchronized with the actions of the characters from the hot stories Several ideal vibration modes for you

1. Max 2

What makes this interactive sex toy special is that it lets you sync vibrations with other sex toys and your smartphone too.

The thin settings will allow you to experience all sensations and find the model that suits you best.

#Top Interactive Sex ToysBenefits
Lovense Max 2

  • The dense original sleeve provides the best girth according to the review of 90% of users
  • Uniform compression along the entire length of the sleeve creates the most realistic effect
  • Skin-friendly material fits all guys
Lovense Lush 2

  • A free mobile application with a variety of patterns
  • Allows you to choose the vibrations to suit your mood and your taste
  • The music mode synchronizes the vibrator with your favourite songs
Autoblow 2+XT

  • Replaceable sleeves of three sizes allow each guy to find the perfect option
  • Hypoallergenic material of the sleeves is safe for your health
  • The sleeve is easy to remove, clean and return to place
Svakom IVY

  • Twenty-five different modes will give you unforgettable emotions
  • Waterproof design allows you to take your gadget with you to the shower
  • Fast charging with the original cable will enable you to forget about the batteries
Womanizer Classic

  • 8 levels of absorption intensity
  • Suitable for the most sensitive girls or those who like hotter
  • Waterproof design explicitly designed for playing in the bathroom
Fleshlight Launch

  • Interactive mode of operation synchronizes every push and punch with actions on the screen
  • You can configure not only the speed of work but also the amplitude of the blows
  • The device is charging from a regular USB charger
Vibease Esthesia

  • Soft silicone material sensually stimulates your sensitive areas
  • The patented form takes into account the anatomical features of the female body
  • Two powerful independent engines effectively massage you in two directions

Additional construction bonuses:

  • You can choose a sleeve that simulates a real body;
  • The rechargeable case allows you to forget about batteries;
  • The wireless design of the interactive sex toy makes using the device super convenient (you can have fun anywhere, not even at home);
Our pick
Realistic effect
The interactive sex toy is conveniently controlled through the free mobile application on your smartphone.
  • Tight girth
  • Rechargeable case
  • Wireless design
  • Uniform compression
  • The branded internal texture of the sleeve is recognized as one of the best among analogues;
  • The case is protected against splashes so that it can be cleaned safely.
  • A particular hole allows you to adjust the suction. Valve for quick pressure relief provides users with reliability and comfort;
  • A stable Bluetooth connection is achieved with a powerful built-in antenna.
  • In this model, interactive sex toy they are not.

Super bonus!

You can synchronize with each other two toys, Max 2 or Nora and Max 2.

In this case, both devices will adapt to each other and move in unison.

Among the settings, you can choose four types of vibrations:

  • Low;
  • Average;
  • Tall;
  • Pulse.

Unique patterns of movements are combined into modes:

  • Wave;
  • Fireworks;
  • Earthquake.

Also available are three options for compressive strength:

  • Soft;
  • Average;
  • Deep.

Customer Review:

I’ve never tried interactive sex toys before. I like this model because it lets you coordinate motions with the other toy.

The sleeve excites me just like a real woman does plus an added suction effect. This device charges very quickly and keeps a charge for a long time. It’s also a big plus.

2. Lush 2

What is the most potent interactive sex toy for girls?

Yes, this is Lush 2.

Setting 5 meters
The reinforced antenna allows you to control the vibrator through a stable Bluetooth connection or an Internet connection.
  • Music mode
  • Sound activation
  • Variety of patterns
  • Low noise

The free mobile application has many exciting features that will give you many magical moments.

  • One of the best features that allow you not to use your hands is the sound activation of the gadget.
  • Low noise level makes it possible to use interactive sex toy in a cafe or cinema.
  • The control range via Bluetooth is 9 meters standing and 5 meters sitting.
  • Vibrator modes.

For you to get a variety of emotions, the manufacturer laid different models of work in the device:

  • Solo. You can turn on the toy, switch patterns and stop the process using the button on the case.
  • Prelude with a partner. Stable control via Bluetooth allows your partner to gain control over your body, at least temporarily.
  • Games in public places. Wherever there is internet, you or your lover can control Lush 2.

Buyer Review:

I gave this toy to my girlfriend because I often need to travel on business trips. This mobile app works perfectly. Various vibrations can be created and combined by me.

Moreover, the toy is compatible with any phone, even those running on iOS or Android.

My girlfriend says that the vibrator is in a good condition. It does not come out even when it stands.

3. Autoblow2 + XT

What process did every second guy dream of automating (every first one, but that’s not accurate)?

We are a sure, blowjob. We could not include this type of toy in this review.

Stroking movements
A rechargeable case will permanently save you the need to buy batteries.
  • 3 sizes
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Replaceable sleeves
  • Powerful engine
  • The powerful engine provides powerful vibrations;
  • Using the buttons, you can control the speed of stroking movements.
  • There is no possibility of interactive control of a sex toy;
  • You only need to use a water-based lubricant.


It doesn’t look like a real blowjob, but it’s excellent! And in some cases, even better.

There is an additional effect of absorption. At the highest speed, 10 minutes is enough for me to reach the goal.

4. Svakom IVY

It was a rating of the best smart vibrators and masturbators, as per our perspective.

We can communicate digitally to satisfy each other, and it is important that we engage in it fully.

Look at the pictures of our animals and select your favourite.

It was a rating of the best smart vibrators and masturbators, as per our perspective.

We can communicate digitally to satisfy each other, and it is important that we engage in it fully.

Look at the pictures of our animals and select your favourite.

The G-spot and Bullet Egg are both models that this vibrator integrates.

This sex toy is more convenient because of the presence of a remote control.

Alternatively, you may use it as a prelude or in an active game with your partner.

  • The unique SVAKOM mode is a complete imitation of real sex. You will go through all stages from light excitement to a stunning orgasm and subsequent gentle caresses.
  • The device works so quietly that you can safely carry it in crowded places.
  • The compact size may seem too small for some girls.
  • To switch modes, you must hold down the button on the remote control or press it twice. It is not too convenient.

Customer Review:

There is my second vibrator. I really like the wide selection of patterns and speeds. I am also very pleased with the material.

It is gentle, soft, it feels like skin. The surface is easy to clean and dries quickly.

Womanizer Classic

This is an innovative model of a vibrator that stimulates the clitoris and allows you to reach orgasm without even touching the skin.

All exposure is due to sound waves. Incredible sensations are created through directional air vibrations.

  • A simple interface allows you to control the vibrator with just one button;
  • The battery lasts for 4 hours of continuous use.
  • From unaccustomed sensations seem too intense;
  • This is not like a regular orgasm;
  • A full charge takes 120 minutes.


Suction and stroking movements without touching the skin – it’s great. The first few times, I tested WOMANIZER through thin underwear, as the sensations were very bright.

Gradually, I got used to it and already got to an average level of stimulation, but I’m still afraid to try the maximum power!

5. Fleshlight launch

Users recognized the best interactive sex toys of the Fleshlight brand 180 beats per minute!

And you don’t have to strain your hand at all.

Do not be too lazy to connect VR glasses to see the entire collection of films that the producers have prepared for you!

  • 100% hands-free use allows you to enjoy the process and not get tired. Use the device several times in a row! As much as you want.
  • Best sex toys are an expensive treat.
  • Design compatible with Fleshlight holes only.
  • You must use only water-based lotions.


Back then, I used to use my Fleshlight sleeves with a natural body, and I had to work manually.

The interactive Launch case takes your senses to the next level. I also use this device as an endurance trainer.

6. Vibe Esthesia

The rabbit vibrator combines two functions: clitoral stimulation and G-spot.

This is an ideal form for lovers of powerful orgasms!

And if you add more interactive work to this through a mobile application, you get the perfect sex toy.

  • If your neighbour will hear you do not feel like being afraid;
  • Synchronization with audio books of erotic actions can be attempted;
  • Patterns and intensity can also be changed using buttons on the case or through the app for mobile.
  • For some girls, the outer foot may be too short or long;
  • The model is compatible only with new smartphones;
  • Without a mobile application, only five types of vibrations are available to you.


This vibrator has a fantastic shape. There are many rabbit vibrators on the market, but it is Esthesia that sits perfectly on the body.


It was a rating of the best smart vibrators and masturbators, as per our perspective.

We can communicate digitally to satisfy each other, and it is important that we engage in it fully.

Look at the pictures of our animals and select your favourite.