Remote Control Butt Plug: Wireless Bluetoth Vibrator Lovense Hush with App

Remote Control Butt Plug: Wireless Bluetoth Vibrator Lovense Hush with App

You are seeking a suitable butt plug ever, but you’re a newbie in the anal sex or can’t choose the right one?

We will be your guides and describe the top five sex devices for the prostate games!

We’ll share with you not only the descriptions but also will tell you all the information needed about the advantages and disadvantages and share the most helpful and honest reviews of costumers. We have done vast research, and it’s just for your biggest climax!

Our top five of the innovative sex devices with remote control for anal experienceWe gaving you detailed descriptions and reviews from those, who have already bought these products It is essential to know about all the problems and disadvantages of the purchase before ordering it
#Top Remote Control Butt PlugBenefits
Lovense Hush

  • The tool with remote control provides 2 variations: the smaller versions of plugs plus the bigger ones
  • Helps to choose the most convenient one modes
  • The innovative model of the erotic toy plugs the best if you use the lube on the water base
Lovehoney Desire Luxury

  • The butt plug has eight vibrations and twelve speeds and intensities
  • It is an intimate eco-friendly toy with a USB cable which helps to recharge it
  • A case for keeping this toy away from dust is included
Lelo Hugo

  • You can easily recharge this vibrating device
  • It takes much less time to charge it than previous models
  • It has a remote control so your lover can play with you on distance or you also can try the non-hand experience
My 1st Surge

  • Because of different vibrating, you will get a very bright experience and a climax that you will never forget
  • This butt plug is suitable for newbies plus for those who never tried anal sex before
  • It has a system with a remote control that provides ten different functions
Lovehoney Classic

  • This sex tool is very flexible
  • Helps to prevent pain or any injuries while playing with it
  • The process of coming in becomes more relaxed, which is excellent for beginners

1. LOVENSE Hush Butt Plug

The international company produced this innovative remote control butt plug.

It was made for men’s and women’s orgasm.

Our pick
Quiet device

It is made for men’s, and women’s use. And this butt plug’s remote control via Bluetooth makes this plug an exciting and adventurous thing to explore for both partners.

  • 2 various modes
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Works 2 hours
  • 1 year warranty

It’s designed carefully, and with passion, so everyone could use it. This product has a wireless connection and the possibility of controlling it from any part of the world!

What makes LOVENSE Hush Butt Plug one of the most fabulous butt plugs?

LOVENSE presents this device as the most innovative and influential among all similar ones. It has 2 sizes that allow choosing the preferable type.

Advantages and disadvantages of LOVENSE Hush Butt Plug

  • You can change speed, kind of vibrating, and intensity in this plug by yourself or let your lover decide and play together when you are apart. This sex toy has Bluetooth connection plus an app that provides several kinds of intensities of the vibrating and its speed for the highest climax.
  • This is a quiet but compelling device. You are even able to create the vibrating patterns that will help you to achieve the best climax ever. Customize your intimate device and press the button GO to start experiencing something new and intrigue.
  • You might, besides, add to the phone app music that you like, so it will change it to patterns and customize your vibrating session based on it.
  • It is made of non-allergenic materials.
  • Buttplug by this company is a hundred percent waterproof.
  • It has a very long-lasting battery that can work up to 2 hours without stopping. It is rechargeable.
  • This plug provides a one-year warranty.
  • The price is rather high.


I accidentally broke my butt plug after six or seven uses.

I contacted a warranty center, and they sent me a new one within a week!

Great customer service and a perfect toy for those who like anal sex!

Loved it! I have never had THAT intense climax ever, especially after using any sex stuff! This butt plug is all I needed, especially because of its vibrating!

2. DESIRE Luxury Prostate Massager

This anal massager is an excellent tool for the fans of getting maximum pleasure using various kinds of vibration and intensity.

The luxury prostate plug provides several rates making your climax brighter.

Intensive feeling

Very convenient in use because of its L-shaped arm. It provides not only comfort but also feelings and orgasms that you will never forget.

  • 8 vibrations
  • 12 speeds
  • Hight-quality Silicone
  • Waterproof

It stimulates P-spot greatly and has a perfect shape for it.

What makes DESIRE Luxury Prostate Massager one of the most excellent butt plugs?

This sex device, which is called the butt plug is a toy with excellent quality.

The main material is silicone, which means that it is non-allergenic and suitable for everyone.

Advantages and disadvantages of DESIRE Luxury Prostate Massager

  • Waterproof design.
  • There is also a unique travel bag given in addition to the butt plug.
  • Many reviews say that the “gooch” part of the plug might be more significant and more prolonged.
  • It doesn’t work while charging, and this process takes approximately two hours for a one-hour use.


I enjoy this device a lot, but it is not that comfortable as the description says. It’s a bit bigger than I excepted, so I needed more lube to push it in.

Because of that, it often slips out, which is not good and pleasurable.

Maybe it is not the problem of the manufacturer but mine. Anyway, it’s a perfect toy with extremely pleasurable vibrating features!

3. LELO Hugo Vibrating Prostate Massager

You can use the tool as an addition during making love with the partner or as a solo toy.

Anyway, it will blow your mind, as it did to the millions of customers.

Maximum pleasure

This innovative device not only gives you pleasurable anal sex and bright orgasm but also provides a hand free sex.

  • 2 powerful motors
  • Non-allergic materials
  • Rechargeable
  • Play on distance

It is a real bestseller that is a must-have for all who enjoy anal sex.

What makes LELO Hugo Vibrating Prostate Massager one of the greatest butt plugs?

If you have a desire to brighten your sex life, or you have problems with erection, the prostate massage with this LELO Hugo Vibrating Prostate Massager will be your savior to fix it in several minutes.

And last but not least, it will take your climax to the next level!

Advantages and disadvantages of LELO Hugo Vibrating Prostate Massager

  • It has several certificates, which prove the safety of this device for your body (100% non-allergic materials).
  • The vibrating device is designed for bringing orgasm to all the sensible spots, so you are guaranteed to get maximum pleasure and bright climax.
  • Waterproof, you might use this perfect tool even in the bathroom.
  • It provides a one-year warranty, ten-years guaranty.
  • There is a possibility to choose your color: purple, black or blue.
  • Some customers say that this butt plug is a bit short, so it doesn’t reach the P-spot.
  • It can slip out if you are not sitting while using it.
  • More pricey than other similar devices.


When I received Hugo by LELO, I was shocked by its beauty and stylish design. But it gets better!

I enjoyed playing with this butt plug, and I do want to continue using it every day with my boyfriend as an addition to the sex.

I am sure that it will give me much more pleasure, and I will have a brighter orgasm with double penetration. But even as a single-use this toy is fantastic!

4. My 1st Surge Vibrating Butt Plug

One of the most delicate vibrating sex devices for those who are only getting to know the anal sex!

It is not big and comfy, but still big enough to give you a great climax and unforgettable feelings. It is a huge bestseller.

More than ten thousand of these were already sold. You definitely should be the next customer! Why? We are going to tell you.

What makes My 1st Surge Vibrating Butt Plug one of the best butt plugs?

This butt plug which you can use on distance is the excellent purchase for all newbies. It provides various kinds of speed, vibration, and intensity so that you can prepare yourself for more hard anal sex and more significant devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of My 1st Surge Vibrating Butt Plug

  • It also has ten kinds of vibrating and a special escalation for those who are ready for more intense patterns.
  • Made of 100% silicone, so it is suitable for those who have skin allergies.
  • As the reviews say, it can break easily.
  • The batteries are not included, you should buy them separately.
  • It may look big but, as the reviews say it is the exact size for pleasure and not the pain.


As I first saw it after unpacking, I got scared.

I thought that it was huge, especially because it was my first anal experience and I didn’t want to be hurt.

But I was mistaken. It has the right size for achieving a breathtaking orgasm, especially when you combine it with sex with your partner. I like it, and I will use it more often now! I especially like how it controls the intensity. Just wow!

5. LOVEHONEY Classic Medium Plug

It may look too simple to buy, but don’t get confused because of its minimalistic design.

It is a convenient and comfy device. You can play with it just by yourself or when you’re making love.

This experience will increase the feelings and bring you to the highest point of climax.

What makes LOVEHONEY Classic Medium Plug one of the most excellent butt plugs?

The presented tool is very flexible. You will love not only the size of it but also the possibility to use it during sex with your lover. It is well designed for all genders. Don’t forget to add water-based lubricant, so it doesn’t hurt!

Advantages and disadvantages of LOVEHONEY Classic Medium Plug

  • It is the comfiest plug for beginners because of its medium size.
  • It is made of silicone, which means it is hypoallergenic.
  • The silicone material is hard to wash, so you should clean it immediately right after use. And even after you clean this plug, it doesn’t always feel clean (as the reviews say).
  • It doesn’t have any vibrating functions like the previous models.
  • It doesn’t have a remote control like the other ones we told you about.
  • Some customers said that toys would be better if they had a more full neck and the plug would be longer.


Great butt plug without any unnecessary functions and additions.

It is a classic sex device among all the butt plugs.

And it is ideal for use alone or during sex as an additional stimulation. I use it almost every time. This is the best sex toy we have ever had!

What are the main disadvantages of remote sex toys?

A security researcher from Italy made a review post in a social network Blogpost about the possibility of hacking anyone’s butt plug.

He was sitting at home with his laptop when he noticed that he could send a vibrate command to the neighbor’s Hush device. It is not only Hush’s problem but any long-distance sex toys with control via Bluetooth.

It can potentially be hacked by anyone who has individual skills. Why is this so? All these toys have Bluetooth connection, which allows not only your phone (or your partner’s device) to connect with it, but anyone’s in general.

Even though Lovense Company said that all their remote sex toys have three layers of security, it didn’t fix the problem.

Now, this enterprise is working with it and is trying to improve its system for the upcoming sex devices.

How do we choose sex toys?

As we already said at the beginning of this article, we do colossal research, which is based on the information given in the description of the toys with remote control, the outer material, whether it is rechargeable or not, what is included in the pack.

We pay great attention to that. It gives honest opinions and shares intimate details and experiences, which are great for our articles.

What is essential while choosing the best-trusted device?

We understand that it is not easy to find the perfect sex toys. But when you know, what are the most important details, this process becomes much more exciting and straightforward.

The first thing that you should check before buying erotic toys is a manufacturer. Large companies such as LOVE SENSE or LELO try their best to design and produce devices with excellent quality. So you can easily trust them and buy their products.

The second thing about toys is the warranty and guaranty.

Don’t even think about buying a sex toy, if it doesn’t have a certificate.

Sex devices, especially those with electrical details and distance control, might easily break, and only warranty and guaranty allows you to order another example for free.

The third important point for toys is material.

Devices with good quality are usually made of 100% silicone because it is non-allergenic and safe for your skin.

If you see in the description, that a sex toy is made of latex, which can cause allergies, do not buy it for your safety.

And the fourth essential point for toys reviews. Always read what the customers think (after using it) about this plug or any other device (especially with remote control).

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