Plugging Into Pleasure: Discover the Benefits of Male Butt Plugs

lovense hush bluetooth wifi buttplug review

The male prostate is an essential spot that can give you some new, unusual feelings.

Some spots of your body can open a new world of male anal pleasures.

If you wish to experience something different, this is a great way to go. Initially, a butt plug requires much attention and only the correct option will give you the maximum desire and comfort.

We gather in this review the best male butt plugs and compare them among themselves; besides, we prpare short ratings for each one. We hope that our review is helpful!

If you decided to start from the plug, it’s the best choiceYou will open the new abilities of your anus and find some new feelings Our review will help you to choose the best and get good anal sex in any time

1. Hush from Lovense

It’s the universal and comfortable male butt plug with vibration.

The over-thought design makes anal sex very comfortable, and here we’ll describe all the pros of this anal plug for men.

#Top Male Butt PlugsBenefits
Lovense Hush

  • Powerful accumulator, that can work for two hours without breaks
  • The remote control can be used at any distance
  • Wi-Fi’s connection lets to rule the anal play even if you are on the opposite sides of the planet
Adam & Eve Booty Boot

  • Extending form is perfect for inserting the butt plug deeply
  • This is the most popular decision if the producers to give you maximum anal pleasure
  • Excellent heat conductivity is a big pro
Doc Johnson American Bombshell

  • This butt plug can be used without hands with Vac-U-Lock
  • Let you make the best hands-free anal sex
  • Your anus stays stretched during the use, so taking out of this plug won’t be painful at all
Pipedream Ass-Gasm

  • The penis ring provides enough pressure to prolong erection and make it stronger
  • Anal plug gives a good influence on the male prostate
  • The high-quality silicone doesn’t absorb bad smells and the bacteria
Vedo Bump

  • This butt plug is rechargeable
  • The stopper is big enough, flexible, and comfortable
  • Perfect for any anal sex, you can move as active as you want
Lovehoney Cock Locker

  • The potential of this toy is much more than have inflatable dildo
  • The inflating goes very easy, it is not like a lousy expander for hands training, and it is a big pro
  • You can deflate it in one move if needed

About the toy

The male butt toy made of high-quality silicone has got a comfortable stopper, over-thought design perfect for any ways of the anal play and compelling motor providing significant vibration.

Our pick
Maximum freedom
Lovense made the great over-thought butt plug that can satisfy all wishes and needs of men.
  • 2 hours works
  • Powerful accumulator
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Spiral carving
  • High-quality materials let you forget all the troubles of allergy and irritation. This plug for men made of medical silicone doesn’t contain phthalates, rubber, and latex. Also, all parts of this butt plug made of silicone, so you can clean it easily;
  • Spiral carving is a perfect addition. This is like a smartphone: unnecessary, but cool. It helps you to keep the lube inside without leakage;
  • The comfortable stopper prevents the plug from going deep. And it’s shaped so that you can wear it for some hours. It’s non-circular so that it shouldn’t disrupt your skin by rubbing. If you walk, jump, run, or dance, everything will be alright.
  • Strong but silent. It’s perfect for quiet public anal sex and nobody will know your little secret.
  • Ideal for public anal sex. Lovense is one of my favorite toys because Hands-free is one of the best things about them. And that means maximum freedom for you. Don’t worry about embarrassing bulky remotes that will draw unnecessary attention in public places.
  • A vibrating butt plug for males may come low, medium or high. Low mode is tender but intense and feels good and if you want to add something orgasmic – high mode will be a lot of anal pleasure to you;
  • You can choose one of two sizes. Bigger or smaller? Just as you wish. But remember, but a big one better suits to the experienced anal users, the small one will be perfect for the beginners;
  • This butt plug is rechargeable.
  • Spiral carving is not the best choice for the sensitive ass. If you are a newbie in anal desires or just now your sensitivity, choose another one to keep yourself in safety.

2. Adam & Eve Booty Boot Camp Training Kit

If you want to learn out all sides of anal sex and the male anal pleasure of butt plug, this is the best male pack for all users in the world.

For training orgasmic
The material feels very silky and smooth; it is enjoyable. Tactile feelings are critical, and this one is perfect.
  • With suction cups
  • Extending form
  • No stitches
  • Hypoallergenic

About the toy

You get three different butt plugs for men in the pack.

They are made of soft silicone; the insertable part has a conic shape for comfortable use.

  • The material is hypoallergenic and safe for your tender skin. It doesn’t cause irritation or other skin troubles;
  • It was designed special for the newbies. The process of stretching your anus is long enough, and you have to choose wisely. If you try to use your fingers or refuse the preliminary stretching, it can give you some pain. Good anal plugs will provide you with comfortable and proper stretching;
  • These plugs have suction cups at the base that enable you to fasten them on the floor, wall or in the tub so you can sit on them with your hands free. The sitting position has two advantages when it comes to this: the muscles of your anus are relaxed and everything goes smoothly. Moreover, you may masturbate while inserting hence facilitating training orgasm;
  • Flexible butt plugs are good for other types of anal sex. In fact, you can bend them so that they hit a man’s prostate and provide him with most pleasurable feelings;
  • There are no seams that can injure your body. Some low-quality ones have roughnesses that may cause much pain to you; however, this one is tender with your anus;
  • The cleaning process of these butt plugs is not hard. You will just need some mild soap and warm water. Also, if you wish to be safe enough, there is a special cleanser available – but it is up to you!
  • The anus usually has terrible reaction to the cold objects, but here you can warm it in your hands or warm water and feel good;
  • Graduating from the sizes is excellent. It is easy to make a painful mistake if you are a newbie, but this pack excludes this chances.
  • The stopper is awful. If you want to use it with your hands, don’t. There is no big difference between leg and stopper so it can slip inside of you quickly and give you some shamed hours in the hospital.
  • The material can absorb smells. If some dirt gets on the butt plug for men, it can save on the toy for a long time. Be careful and put on the condom if you are not sure that anal sex will be clear.

3. Doc Johnson American Bombshell Large

This butt plug is for real anal sex experts.

Advanced users will mention good look, and over-thought design.

Deep feelings
Wavy insertable part for the most relaxed and comfortable use. Gradual inserting is the right decision if you’re going to get a gentle but strong feel.
  • King size
  • PVC material
  • Good vibration
  • Not hurt

It is like a dildo that can be used in any play.

About the toy

This butt plug is made of safe PVC. It is solid, but tender enough for your anus.

  • King size for deep and reliable feelings. Most of the anal plugs have weak leg and don’t stretch the anus, but not this one;
  • PVC ican be compared with all types of lubes. You don’t need to pick only the water-based lube, choose what you want;
  • One can use a bullet vibrator in the vac-u-lock hole just for some extra stimulation. You can pick a stronger one to get a stronger sensation. It is also possible because PVC vibrates well and this will work well;
  • The stopper has a good enough diameter and so it does not slip into the anus hence you are safe; this is true even if you have active anal or normal sex;
  • The butt plug may also be used alongside condoms. In case you decide to share the men’s butt plug with your partner, take precautions such as putting a condom on the butt plug;
  • It can be used during anal or vaginal intercourse without causing any disturbances or pains even during rough sex. Besides being sized like dildos, they are comfortable like plugs.
  • The wavy texture could have smaller difference, and it would be more comfortable.
  • Difference between the leg and the stopper and too little and you should be more careful.
  • PVC has not such a good heat conductivity.

4. Ass-Gasm Penis Ring Plug

This is an exact crazy combo to give you anal orgasm and great erection.

About the toy

This is a lucky combination of the penis ring and anal plug.

This toy is made of soft silicone. It compares with any water-based lubes.

  • The shape of the butt plug suits to the newbies, and is suitable for preparing to the penis or dildo;
  • One can use it when walking; this is because it does not rub or cause irritation and is completely invisible under garments.
  • It is extremely flexible and stretchable, meaning you can adjust it to your own specifications and sizes.
  • Stimulation of the area between your scrotum and anus gives some out-of-place senses making the anal orgasm even bigger;
  • The pleasurable acts like having anal/vaginal sex or just masturbating with a sex toy are quite comfortable. Alternatively, one can insert a butt plug while putting any other toy in the anus.
  • The ball loop is too small for most of the men, and pushing your balls and penis through this loop can be very painful and hard.
  • The loop is not so strong and can break easily. If you want to use it during the sex, and it is made for it, the loop can break with every move.
  • The shape and size of the butt plug are not so lucky. It is useless for the male prostates of most of the men.
  • The ring-stopper is unsafe a bit if you don’t put the loop on your dick or don’t keep it in your hands.

5. Bump Rechargeable Anal Vibe

This anal plug gives roaring and excellent vibration and you prostates takes it with male anal pleasure.

There are a lot of modes of vibration so you can choose your own perfect one.

About the toy

This butt plug is made of silicone. Smooth surface hides a powerful vibrating motor. It is rechargeable.

  • It is entirely waterproof, and you have to wipe it with the dry towel before charging;
  • You can use it in a discreet public anal play cause it is tranquil, vibration is intense but won’t disturb you even in the theatre, it is quieter than ordinary massager;
  • The conic shape of the butt plug provides painless, comfortable inserting. This is the most popular and reliable form for the butt plugs, approved by the time;
  • It is unisex. You can use it in your anus or offer to your wife, you both will feel pleasant with this massager;
  • If you want to use it in the anus and the vagina serially, you have to use the condom, and this butt plug compares with any types of condoms. If you want to use it as a massager, wash it.
  • The size is not so significant for the size of the stopper so if you want to get the feel of fullness that’s not your choice.
  • The vibration in this butt plug is not so powerful, so stimulation feels too small for excellent feel.
  • It is too costly. You get just a vibrating butt plug but pay a lot, and there are too many cons, so it is just a spent of money.
  • The accumulator is not so good, it charges for 2 hours and works just one. We think it’s because of low quality.
  • The construction is not so strong. The review told us that it could break up easily, mostly the vibrator and accumulator.

6. Cock Locker Large Inflatable Butt Plug

Open some new sides of stretching and filling with this butt plug.

Inflate it as much as you want to bang your prostate.

About the toy

The inflatable butt plug is made of the latex; it is soft and comfortable.

  • Inflatable technologies are cool. They let you regulate all the process, and if you need to add a bit to get the anal orgasm, this is a perfect choice.
  • If you feel any pain or need to take it out, inflate and check what’s wrong;
  • It is completely waterproof; you can use it in the bathroom or during the pool sex. And cleaning is not a trouble with this plug;
  • The wire of the inflater is long enough to let you move, but not too long to disturb you during the anal or vaginal sex;
  • The material is soft and pleasant, and the surface is smooth and tender. It won’t hurt or scratch you.
  • You mustn’t like toys that are too long. Inflating it stretches the anus while increasing girth but the difference in length is negligible.
  • For most people, the wire of the inflater is too short. You will need huge hands or assistance.
  • Take care: if you inflate too quickly, it could cause your anal muscles to tear apart and leave you in severe pain.
  • There’s only one strange problem: this material absorbs lube like crazy. So you will be forced to add more and more lube throughout every butt sex experience.
  • When the plug is inflated, the stopper gets smaller than it should.
  • And the plug slipping… We all know what a terrible thing that is.
  • It’s way too soft – no realism here. The plug appears like a deflated ball; hence it’s not sexy at all.

Safety measures

  • Always use lube. Your anus doesn’t excrete natural lube like a vagina, so you should help it with some drops of the lube;
  • If you are not sure, what type of lube is compatible with your plug, take water-based one. They compare good with all kinds of toys and perfectly suit the microflora inside of you;
  • If you feel pain, stop, and breath. Your body is wise, and it knows when it’s enough. If you want, add some lube and сontinue a bit later, when all bad feelings go away;
  • Don’t be afraid to go to the doctor if something has gone wrong. Male anal sex is not a stigma anymore, and the last thing the doctor cares about – your sexual life. Just believe the doctor, and all will be OK;
  • If the plug slipped inside of you, try to pull it out with your muscles. Make moves like you are defecating; it can help. Add some lube. If nothing worked, go to the doctor;
  • Slow down. Start from the smallest plug and gradually move to the next only if you are comfortable with it. You cannot engage in fisting for the first time; therefore, slow and gentle stretching is way better;
  • Always warm-up before sex using penis or dildo. Take the small plug and let your body get used to these feelings. The muscles of your anus need as much warm-up as an athlete’s leg muscles require.

As a conclusion of the review, we should say two main rules of anal play. Be patient and add more lube.