10 Flexible Sex Positions We Suggest You Try Tonight

Sex positions are one of those things that people tend to stick to because it feels good. They don’t want to try anything new because they think it might hurt. But the truth is that sex positions do change over time, just as everything else does. If you’ve been trying the same position for years, it’s probably time to experiment. Here are 25 sex positions you should try for maximum pleasure.

1. Modified standing doggy style.

Standing doggy style is one of those positions that most people avoid because they think it’s too difficult. 

People with Gumby-like limbs can try out all sorts of standing sex that those with more resistant joints can’t quite manage. For this position, have your partner stand behind you, then bend forward in front of them, planting your hands firmly on the ground. You can keep your legs far apart or bring them closer together—it’s worth switching it up to see how that changes the sensation.

2. The Ballerina

The arabesque is one of the most difficult ballet positions to master. It requires perfect balance, strength, flexibility and grace. But it’s worth every second of practice. Here are 4 reasons why…

1. You can enjoy both oral and vaginal intercourse. When you’re lying down, your partner can enter you vaginally while you perform fellatio. Or, he/she can switch roles and you can provide him/her with a mouthful of delicious cock.

2. Your partner will be able to feel every pleasure as well as see everything. You’ll be able to see everything you do to his/her body during sex – whether it’s licking, sucking, fingering, kissing, caressing or even fucking.

3. You don’t have to hurt yourself or your lover. This position allows you to use your hands freely, making it easy to explore each other’s bodies. Plus, there’s no risk of injury because you won’t be putting pressure on your neck.

3. The Captain

A woman lying on her back and spreading her legs open is known as “The Captain.” This is one of the most popular positions during foreplay because it allows both partners to enjoy themselves while still maintaining control over the situation.

If you want to try out this position, make sure you practice beforehand. You don’t want to end up hurting yourself or someone else.

4. Missionary with both legs up.

A missionary position is one of the most popular ways to relieve stress and tension in your body. While it might seem like a simple task, there are many variations you can try out to find what works best for you. Here are some tips to help you achieve maximum comfort while relaxing.

1. Lie down on your back.

2. Bring your knees together and raise your feet off the floor.

3. Bend your elbows and place them behind your head.

4. Rest your hands on your thighs.

5. Keep your eyes closed.

6. Breathe deeply.

5. Ex Sex

The missionary position is one of the most popular positions for couples having sex. However, there are many variations of it. One of the options is called “ex-sex”. In former sex, the man lies down and the woman stands over him. She holds on to his shoulders as he enters her.

This position allows a man to see what she looks like without opening his eyes. He can watch her breasts bouncing up and down as she moves. If you want to try this pose, make sure you do it in a dark room.


6. The Amphibian

Amphibian is an advanced version of 69. It involves both partners lying face down on the bed while one person cunnilingus the other. This position allows for deeper stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris.

To perform the Amphibian, place pillows under each partner’s knees and elbows. Then put your hands behind your partner’s back and lift him/her up on your elbows. You can use a pillow or bolster to support your partner’s neck.

During oral sex, a woman touches her partner’s anus with her tongue and moves it inside. She can also move her fingers into her partner’s rectum to stimulate the prostate gland. When she reaches orgasm, she must stop licking and let her partner finish the job.

7. Advanced High Squeeze

This position is called advanced high squeezes (Utpiditaka), and it’s one of the most common positions in Japan. In this position, the woman lies on her back and the man kneels between the woman’s legs. He places his hands under the woman’s thighs and lifts her up slightly, allowing him to enter her vagina. The man then lowers himself down onto the woman’s pelvis.

The woman’s face usually faces upward toward the ceiling, while the man’s face is turned downward. The couple often looks into each other’s eyes during intercourse.

8. Pirate’s Bounty

The Pirate’s Bounty is a position where you lie down on your side with one leg bent up behind you, and the other leg straight out in front of you. You are lying flat on your stomach, facing the bed, and your partner sits on your upper thigh. He enters you from behind, and he can move around freely.

This position allows him to reach every part of your body easily, and it gives him access to your clitoris. If you want to stimulate yourself, you can use your hand to rub against the inside of your thighs.

You can also use your hands to hold onto each other, and you can kiss and caress each other. You can even do some light petting, like rubbing your breasts together.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try some different positions. For example, you could put your head over the edge of the bed and look down at your lover. Or you could lean forward and rest your forehead on the floor.

9. The Bouncing Reverse Cowgirl

The bouncing reverse cowgirl is one of the most popular sex positions among couples looking for something new. 

This is a very versatile position, because there are many variations and options. For example, you can use pillows or blankets under your legs, or even put your partner on his knees. Try out some of those ideas and see what feels good.

You can also try sitting down on the edge of the bed or sofa, or lying on the floor. Be creative and experiment with different positions to make sure you both reach orgasm.

10. Kneeling amazon

Kneeling Amazon is an extremely intense sexual act where one person kneels down while another penetrates him/her. In some cases, it could involve bondage or even fisting.

This position is great if you like rough sex. If you want to try something different, you might consider trying it out during foreplay, rather than straight up penetration. You can use toys such as butt plugs or dildos to stimulate each other.

The kneeling Amazon position is perfect for anal play. Both partners can take turns being penetrated, and there are no limits to what you can do. For example, you can both go down on each other, or you can switch roles.


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