Best Lube for Masturbation with Fleshlight

Lubes are specially formulated for intimate use.

Make sex smother and more pleasurable. When using your vibrator, your penetration is easier.

And even if you just use your vibrator for clitoral stimulation, you’ll still find that a little amount of lube makes the toy much slicker. Today, there are lubricants with odors and tastes, with a warming or cooling effect, for vaginal, anal or oral sex, germicidal and many others. Let’s see the best!

Various gels with a warming or cooling effect, prolongators (lubes for more lasting pleasure), flavored gelsIn addition to the water base and caring components, various extracts, oils, and perfumes are added to such lubricants Any lubricant has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect

1. Fleshlube water by Fleshlight

The best Fleshlight water-based lubricant will give you soft penetration.

You get an unrealistic feeling in sex using this Fleshlight lubricant.


  • Fleshlight lube is from quality components.
  • Natural Fleshlight lube.
  • Hypoallergenic Fleshlight lube.
  • Fleshlight lube is available in two convenient containers — four fl. oz, eight fl. oz.
  • You can easily remove Fleshlight lube from toys using a stream of water.
  • Popular Fleshlight product. Over 12 million of Fleshlight lube is sold.
  • Fleshlight lube is made in the USA.
  • Safe delivery.


  • I didn’t find any

Ingredients of Fleshlight lube

  • Caprylyl glycol.
  • Phenylpropanol.
  • Butylene glycol.
  • Tromethamine.
  • Japanese spice flower extract.


I have never used lubes before. I always dispensed with lubes and spared money. But when I bought a masturbator, I had to think about lube. I decided to take the best because I value my health and feelings.

Fleshlight lubrication is a marvelous thing. I use Fleshlight lube not only with a sex machine but also with my wife in bed.

Feelings are sky-high! Our intimate play has become much more sensitive, and there is no need to wait until the wife is fully warmed up.

Fleshlight lube is easy to wash off a lubricant from a body and toys. Fleshlight lube doesn’t cause an allergy for my wife or me. I advise everyone! The best quality of Fleshlight!

2. Personal Moisturizer by Lelo

An ideal cream that you can use not only in sexual life but also in everyday life.

Your skin will be soft and silky by applying the cream every day!


  • Certified top product standard.
  • A global brand loved by millions of people.
  • There are suitable containers (bottle and tube).
  • Free worldwide delivery.
  • Confidentiality of delivery.
  • Delivery within 3-5 days.
  • 100% secure payment for goods through the Lelo website.


  • It is difficult to wash off.


  • Bottle: 5 fl. oz. Size: 58 mm (diameter) x 134.12 mm.
  • Tube: 2.5 fl. oz. Size: 37 mm (diameter) x 122 mm.


My skin after this lubricant, like a butterfly, feels light and delicate. It glides very well during intercourse and moisturizes well.

I am prone to allergies, so I carefully started using this product. But I realized that it is an environmentally friendly product and suits me the best. Now I use it regularly. My skin does not dry out, does not crack.

I also like that the cream is odorless and I don’t itch after lubrication.
The best Lelo lubricant is indispensable in an intimate game. The lube does not stick and glides perfectly!

3. ID Glide Water-Based Lubricant by Lovehoney

Lubes come in a range of variation.

You can get flavored lubes for oral sex, or specific types of lubricants such lubes with longer-lasting formulas for anal enjoyment.


  • Increases the duration of the sexual process.
  • Use with latex products.
  • The best for both: with toys and with a lover.
  • Simple packaging without a hint of package contents.
  • 1-year warranty with registering on the Lovehoney website.


  • Not for vegans.
  • Not for sensitive skin. May causes a slight burning sensation after use.


  • Bottle type: Pump.
  • Condom Safe: Yes.
  • Volume is 17 fl. oz.


I like the best Lovehoney lube because it is not sticky and is easily washed off with toys and my body. If the one gets into my mouth, then I don’t feel any unpleasant taste or smell. It’s a plus too.

The volume of the bottle is enough for a long time. You do not often need to worry about buying a lube. And the pump system on the bottle is convenient to use.

Lubrication dries for a long time. It is the best thing! If the one dries, I use saliva, and it glides again. You can add more lube if the old one dried (or water).

I use lube in all types of intimate games. Also, use with masturbators, vibrators and other toys and machines from any material. The lube is used sparingly, that is why it does not need much for sex.

4. Sliquid Organics Gel Lubricant by Lovehoney

The plant structure provides a gentle touch of the lube to the skin. The lube does not cause allergic reactions.

This best lube soothes the skin after intimate games and heals it quickly with components such as green tea and aloe.


  • Hypoallergenic gel.
  • Natural (with organic plant extracts and oils).
  • It’s for sensitive skin.
  • It is without aspartame.
  • It’s without glycerin.
  • No parabens.
  • No taste or smell.
  • Use by vegans.
  • Fast delivering.
  • Free delivery.
  • Simple packaging without a hint of package contents.
  • 1-year warranty when registering on the Lovehoney website.


  • Too thick for anal games.
  • Inconvenient to use during sex. It requires a stop in sex to gain lubrication.
  • Do not use in shower or bath.


  • Volume: 8,5 fl. oz.
  • Bottle type: Squeeze.
  • Condom Safe: Yes.
  • Organic: Yes.


Sex has become more enjoyable, as now there is no pain and irritation on the skin. The lube cannot cause allergies, as it is made of the most natural components.

I like that the lube is thick. It creates in sex certain pleasant sensations for me. But the most important thing for me was to find lubes for VEGANS. I have been supporting veganism for over a decade now, and this has been key in finding a lube.

I have to use another lubes in anal satisfaction. This is one of the drawbacks. The second drawback is the restriction of use underwater. I like to play with a masturbator in the shower. But for this, I have to buy a separate silicone lube.

5. Adam & Eve Lube

For sex toys and anal sex is the best one. Lubes will provide you smooth movements and pleasure!

The lube glides excellently and is suitable for erotic massage. Just add a few drops of water to the dried lube to continue the love games. And you can continue to have fun.


  • It doesn’t stain clothes.
  • Not expensive.


  • It includes parabens.
  • It is not for vegans.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It has a characteristic odor.
  • It tastes bad.
  • Sticky lube.


  • Volume is eight fl. oz.
  • Wash off with soap and warm water.


I didn’t like lube. Firstly, it is too sticky and unpleasant. The taste and smell are disgusting.

Yes, and with parabens. I did not read the composition before buying, so I was upset when I received the one.

I used it several times, and now lube is just standing in the closet. I used to buy Fleshlight lube, but now I decided to save. I was wrong. Now I will order only Fleshlight lube.

What are lubes for?

Medical statistics say that women who suffer from vaginal dryness during sex are neither a myth nor a fiction.

More than 60% of women who have regular sex complain of discomfort, lack of natural lubrication, and pain during intimacy.

This problem is especially pronounced in women after 45 years, during menopause, pregnancy and after childbirth. In general, the hormonal background of a woman changes. And this happens even in stressful situations or from an elementary lack of sleep.

The lube helps to cope with dryness, resume the release of natural lubrication, improve feelings of intimacy, and even exacerbate feelings. Today, there are lubricants with odors and tastes, with a warming or cooling effect, for vaginal, anal or oral sex, germicidal and many others.

Which lubricant is better?

The concepts of “better” or “worse” in this case do not exist. The assortment of gels is huge now.

And in such a variety to find something for yourself is not easy. But it is possible. Here you need to know one thing: what suits an interlocutor in a chat will not always suit you.

Focus on your feelings. Start with buying a regular lubricant with a moisturizing force — it is suitable for everyone. Next, open the way to experiments and look at the effect that causes a new liquid. In any case, you should not endure discomfort if the gel does not suit you. There are a lot of lubricants, as well as manufacturers, and you certainly should not discard the idea of ​​using it after one unsuccessful attempt.

Is it harmful?

Modern lubricant is a water-based hypoallergenic formulation that contains caring ingredients.

Accordingly, ordinary lube for continuous use can not harm the body. On the contrary, panthenol and lactic acid contained in them take care of delicate skin in intimate places, soothe it, prevent the appearance of microcracks and heal existing ones.

Caveats, of course, exist. If you have skin hypersensitivity, before choosing a lubricant, consult a doctor or pay attention to a product with a 100% natural composition.

Also, with caution should be applied only to those lubes that are created to exacerbate sensitivity or, conversely, reduce hyper-excitability, as well as to products with tastes and smells.

They can cause allergies and discomfort with frequent use.

But even in such situations, you should not refuse to add variety to your intimate life. Just leave the tube with a specific composition for special occasions.

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